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 D Rank Mission: Food Delivery

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PostSubject: D Rank Mission: Food Delivery   D Rank Mission: Food Delivery EmptySat Jul 23, 2011 3:11 pm

Already in early morning Cooby received a D-Rank mission from Raikage office. Without wasting time Cooby dashed to the grocery shop to introduce himself to his client.
The day was pretty cloudy and the sun wasn't as bright as usually. There was a weak wind that blew through Kumogakure and past it's mountains that cooled the air a bit. This wasn't a bad weather in Cooby's opinion, it was his favorite type really. Especially when he has a mission.
The grocery shop wasn't filled with too many people. It was located halfway to a mountains top and it had a long path that lead around the mountain down.
Opening the door Cooby made a small bell ring. The cashier turned his head on an instant to the door as a reaction he has trained through his years of being a cashier. Cooby then proceed to walk towards counter asking for shopkeeper. Before cashier could even answer shopkeeper heard his title in shop and walked out of the back room, which was his office. "Yes? Oh, you must be the ninja who will deliver the new groceries, right?" shopkeeper spoke while looking at Cooby. "That's right!" Cooby answered without showing even a bit of shyness, "So, where is this storage?"
"Here you go," shopkeeper pulled an envelope from inside pocket of his suit. "The address is on other side of this envelope. After going to storage and meeting it's owner give him this envelope, it has my signature on it as a proof that you're the man I sent."
"Thanks!" Cooby took the envelope and without placing it in any pocket or anything he walked outside of the shop making the bell ring yet again.
After walking outside Cooby stretched his arms a bit looking in the sky that didn't show any sign of sun other than the light that was shinning over Kumogakure.

He began running down by using the same path he used to get up. Cooby wanted to finish this mission as fast as possible to leave good reputation behind that way receiving more trust.
His run was pretty slow since he didn't want to get tired fast. It's just that by running down gravity gives a person boost. So why not use it? Each step made a quiet pat on the ground and raised the dust a bit that soon fell back on ground but left no visible footprints behind.
It was only the start of afternoon when Cooby knocked on the door of storage. "Coming!" a male's voice came from the door following by fast footsteps. Someone from the inside placed a key in keyhole and unlocked the door opening with a rush. "Hello," a young man greeted Cooby.
Cooby handed the man the envelope he received and without waiting for the answer he moved his head a bit forward to try and see something that might look like groceries that he needs to deliver.
Man opened envelope, read it and went inside storage. He pulled out heavy (or so it seemed for the man) steel carts with cardboard boxes. "Here you go, bring back the carts after done!" Man answered before closing the door shut.

When Cooby tried to pull the carts it didn't seem as heavy for him. The man did have small muscles so it isn't a big surprise really.
Holding the handle tight Cooby began pulling carts back to the shop.
The sun finally showed itself in sky and blew a hot heat wave through the village.
Cooby's head was sweating from the wolf shaped hat he wore but neither he would take it off so he wouldn't get sun attack. The way back was more harder but that's why Cooby began walking faster knowing this slowed him down.
Only two hours after afternoon Cooby got the groceries to shop. Yet again when opening door Cooby made the bell ring. Cashier recognized Cooby and immediately ran to the cardboard boxes opening them to check if those are right products. They were! Cooby finished his work way faster than deadline. It was only 2:00pm.
Shopkeeper gave another envelope to Cooby which contained the pay for work. Cooby carried the carts back to storage faster than going from storage since he didn't need to pull any more and then went straight to Raikage residence and give the envelope containing pay shopkeeper gave.
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D Rank Mission: Food Delivery
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