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 C Rank Mission: Travelling Merchant Escort

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PostSubject: C Rank Mission: Travelling Merchant Escort   Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:24 pm

Cooby met his client Kazuya at the gates of Kumogakure in late afternoon getting ready for their trip to Land of Sound.
Before going out of apartment Cooby armored himself with his archer equipment, which includes - bow, arrows and a bag.
Kazuya was wearing a dark blue kimono, wooden sandals and a straw hat to cover his head from the sun. But by his side there was a large cart filled with many goods from souvenirs to a weaponry. Kazuya was the man which sold Cooby the archer equipment two years ago. But after selling much more bows to other people he hasn't remembered a thing about Cooby, or at least not yet.

"So, are you ready?" Cooby spoke standing behind of Kazuya.
Kazuya turned around to see the one that will escort him. "Aren't you a sporty boy. Just like a lightning country ninja should be!" Kazuya spoke and began pulling his carts. "Just stay behind me and we'll get there by tomorrow's afternoon!"
Cooby (also not remembering the face of man he bought his bow from) followed without saying anything. He was just glad that his client isn't grumpy.
They both walked far enough so not a single top of a mountain could be seen from their location. Or at least not ones in Kumogakure. By the time they got there it was already evening but not a single sign of tiredness was shown. Cooby's legs were muscular enough to walk many miles before getting tired but Kazuya walks like this nearly every day so he has trained his legs well enough.
"Hold it!" Cooby stopped walking raising hand forward to Kazuya who was walking in front of him. Cooby turned his head around looking back at the footprints on sand that were left behind them both. Tires from carts, and two pairs of feet.
"Yes?" Kazuya was curious why Cooby made them both stop so suddenly.
"Nothing... I thought I heard something crack behind us. A stick maybe?" Cooby said turning his head back forward and continuing to walk. Kazuya just blew a breath from relief and continued walking.
"You know you shouldn't scare me like that! It could of been a bear or wolf... maybe even a bandit. I don't like those guys!" He said with a trembling feeling go past his skin.

Swoosh! A knife stabbed in ground right between Cooby and Kazuya. "Then I'm sorry for not being liked!" an overconfident voice walked out of the bushes. It seemed like a young teenager near adult ages, he had spiky, light blue hair and wearing very light, thin clothing wrapped with gray bandanas. He was equipped with a small mace.
"That's the bandit!" Kazuya pointed towards him, "He tried to rob me the last time!"
Cooby in a second pulled his bow's string back with an arrow pointing towards the bandit. He released the string shooting his arrow towards the bandit who (appearing to have good reflexes) clashed his mace against the end of arrow knocking it away. Without a moment to spare the bandit ran towards Cooby pushing Kazuya aside: "He can wait!" Once close enough bandit raised his mace in air and forced it down on Cooby. By that time Cooby had already dropped his bow. With both hands he grabbed the bandit's arm to hold off the attack and using elbow he hit bandit's stomach. Then using same hand Cooby grabbed behind of bandit's head and forced it down slamming it against the ground covering bandit's face in dust and sand. "Akio, you dumb idiot, come and help me already!" bandit yelled in a pissed voice from Cooby's attack.
During the fight Kazuya grabbed a sword from his carts and trembling at every side of his body looking out for the second bandit - Akio that he heard about.
Akio raised from same bush as the first bandit with arms crossed on chest stood annoyed. "I told you that we should have waited for a better chance. Besides, on an ambush you don't give an obvious warning!" Akio said walking out of the bush. He was dressed same as first bandit but his hair was short and he was holding a long sword.
In meanwhile Cooby was distracted by Akio too much that the first bandit managed to slip from Cooby's hold and back few steps back. "This guy's a though one, hand to hand combat isn't the best choice I'll say!"
"I noticed," Akio agreed, "but other than these hands and weapons we have nothing else."
"Bad luck, brother!" first bandit showed a grumpy look taking one more step back and revealing that the both bandits are related.
Cooby worried about Kazuya's safety picked up his bow and slowly, carefully side-stepped towards him making him stay behind back. He wasn't worried about his own safety though or at least not when it comes to first bandit who appeared to be younger and weak. Not sure about Akio's skill.

"Don't worry about that merchant's safety. We'll get rid of you first!" the first bandit yelled running forward while Akio got ready to strike with his sword behind.
Cooby loaded his bow with another arrow and shot it towards the first bandit who predicting the shot by seeing the load moved to side but being shocked that Akio had taken the hit in shoulder. "Daichi! Bastard I can't see what Cooby is doing while you're covering the view!" Akio yelled dropping on his knees and letting the sword fall while hand covers his shoulder. Daichi - the first bandit distracted was shot by the third arrow in neck splattering blood over the ground. Akio saw his brother dead but at that time he didn't care much after the trouble Daichi had caused. Akio got back up on both feet and picked up his long sword: "You'll pay for the arrow in my shoulder!" He broke the arrow off with other hand.
Akio began charging towards Cooby. Cooby stepped back while loading next arrow. Kazuya hid behind the carts while still holding the sword and shaking from fear. The arrow that was shot towards Akio this time was clashed with Akio's sword but by the time Cooby loaded his next arrow Akio was already in front of him and did a forward stab at Cooby's stomach. Cooby stepped to side but couldn't avoid a not too deep cut in his hip and clothing around his hip began soaking in blood a bit. "While that cut is for killing my partner that now I will need to replace!" Akio became a bit relaxed and confident. "But this will be for making my job harder!" Cooby said jumping backwards in bushes.
Akio afraid of losing sight of target ran at bushes slashing his sword continuously at bushes but there were no red stains appearing on the sword. Cooby had moved.
Cooby did following hand seals ram, snake, tiger in order creating multiple clones that surrounded Akio with Cooby among them. "Now guess!" Cooby smirked releasing bow's string and shooting an arrow towards Akio. So did all other clones at exact same time.
Akio got a strike in chest. He dropped down on knees yet again. He placed his hand on the chest yelling: "Bastard!" Akio dropped dead on ground.

"Hm," Kazuya slowly went out from behind of carts staring at dead corpses that were laying on ground killed to protect Kazuya and his property. "You're kinda fighty too, eh boy?" Kazuya said getting calmer.
The escort was finished tomorrow morning and Cooby returned back at Kumogakure by afternoon with good news to tell at mission registration.
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C Rank Mission: Travelling Merchant Escort
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