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 Mission: Suprise Mission! Retrieval of the Elder's Purse!

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Kirigakure Genin

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PostSubject: Mission: Suprise Mission! Retrieval of the Elder's Purse!   Mon Jul 25, 2011 11:55 pm

~Urufu Tatsumaki~
Is this an over-reaching arm?
Or is this compassion?
Is this a handout undeserved?
Or a just reparation?

The message had been delivered to Urufu quickly. He had been given orders to track down a criminal and reclaim the purse had stolen from a grand elder. Dismissing the courier ninja with a wave of his hand, Urufu immediately set off. He had been told in what direction the thief had last been seen running. What better place to start than the there? Bringing his hands into the customary position known among all shinobi as "Ram", the young genin disappeared in a puff of smoke. As he physically forced his body to move at insane levels of speed through the usage of chakra pumping through his system, he arrived at the roof of a house with a decent view. Turning to face the sun, he saw a man running as swiftly as he could through the crowd, pushing all in his way to the ground with little regard for their safety.

Bringing his right hand up to the air in front of his face (although slightly to the right), Urufu half-bent each finger so his hand morphed into a gnarled claw. Grinning sadistically, he leaped through the air (his jacket twirling and whipping in the wind), rolling once he reached the ground, and begin sprinting to catch up to the man. As he weaved between bodies, the mist that seemed everpresent in his village began to get thicker. Considering this beneficial, Urufu's grin reached insanity levels. His lips drew back along his jaw to reveal his pearly whites, glinting in the sunlight obscured by mist. Figuring that the thief was using the sound of his movements in order to escape (reverse-tracking the shinobi), Urufu decided to use a very special combination of jutsu.

First, he brought his hands together in the Ram hand sign, similar to the body replacement technique. Concentrating his chakra and wind into his feet, he was suddenly lifted from the ground. Gearing himself towards the thief, whom was disappearing from view, he suddenly shot forward without walking. This ability was similar to levitation, as it allowed Urufu the ability to move without being heard. The only downside was he couldn't take his hands out of the ram seal. As he cut through the mist and swiftly caught up the thief, Urufu suddenly kicked down hard. Shooting into the air, he used the only ability he had ever gained from his demonic tenent. Advanced jumping height.

Landing in front of the theif, whom backed away almost as soon as he saw Urufu, the shinobi grinned. "I don't think so, you pitiful excuse for life!" Grabbing onto his arm, Urufu's smile vanished as soon as he realized he was holding onto a log. Hearing footsteps to his left, he noticed the thief was escaping. Working over a tic of annoyance in his jaw, Urufu spun on his sandal-clad heel and clapped his hands together tightly. "Wind Release: Violent Wind Palm!" Suddenly, a large gust of wind was whipped up from the atmosphere around them, smashing into the running thief and toppling him over. The only bad part about this was the fact that the thief had dropped the purse, which was thrown into the air by the wind. Leaping after it, Urufu shot three kunai down as an after thought. Two stuck into the thief's heavy clothing, pinning him to the ground. The third landed an inch from his face, proving that Urufu wasn't kidding around.

Snagging the purse, the shinobi wrapped the strap around his hand in the air. Aiming himself for the ground, Urufu landed softly. Walking back over to the criminal, Urufu ripped his kunai from the struggling man's clothes. Putting them back into his pouch, he took careful aim, and delivered a powerful chop to the back of his neck, rendering him unconscious. Wrapping his free hand around the thief's jacket, he began to drag him back to the mizukage's office. He could have picked him up instead, but decided against it. This was more fun. As his grin widened slightly, Urufu took careful deliberation to walk through as many puddles and sharp stones as he could see.
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Mission: Suprise Mission! Retrieval of the Elder's Purse!
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