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PostSubject: Konpaku   Konpaku EmptySun Aug 07, 2011 7:24 am

Name: Konpaku
Rank: A-ranked
Owner: Ninku
Appearance: (Seen in Ninku's picture). Konpaku is a standard looking katana with a white hilt and a white sheathe.
Length: 3 inches longer than a standard katana
Width: Standard Katana width
Material: Unknown Material
Weight: Standard Katana weight
Abilities:Konpaku's ability strongly is shown by the meaning of its name. Konpaku is a ghost blade with three main abilities. The first ability is for the blade of the sword to be able to turn invisible, however the interesting thing with this is how it turns invisible can be manipluated so the entire blade doesnt have to be invisible at once. The second and main ability is the swords ability to become intangible. Similar to the invibility ability, the sword is able to either make the entire blade intangable or sections of it. If sections of the blade is made intangible, the sword will not break apart or anything, it will always remain whole and connected. The sword up to this point doesnt require chakra and can be activated remotely, or by will. The swords final ability is to grant it's owner its ability for a great chakra cost. Konpaku is a very loyal weapon, only working for its master. The sword is capable of sensing whether its owner is alive or not and if the owner is alive but someone else is in possession of the blade, the blade will merely become intangible to the point where he cannot be gripped by anyone else.

Special Attack: Invisibility and Intagibility. The invisibility ability has no down sides, however the intangible ability can only be kept active for three posts with a five post cool down before being able to use it again. If the owner uses the invisibility ability of the sword on themselves they can only maintain the ability for 3 posts and afterwards there is a 10 post cooldown. However using the ability on oneself severly cuts the users chakra. Also great chakra control is needed to maintain the ability so the user generally isnt capable of performing any type of ninjutsu or genjutsu while using the swords ability.

Info: How Konpaku came into existance is unknown, however the sword shares a great tie with the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist Village. Konpaku has been passed down from master to apprentice within the Seven Swordsman and was known to be one of the most unique and powerful blades the organization has ever utilized. Konpaku was handed to Ninku from his father. As the final owner of the blade, Ninku used its power gained the Title "The Ghost of the Hidden Mist".
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