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 Kekkei Genkai Rules

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Revy Izumi
Revy Izumi

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PostSubject: Kekkei Genkai Rules   Kekkei Genkai Rules EmptyThu Jul 14, 2011 4:52 pm

Sharingan Rules

The sharingan has specific rules to it due to it being a very powerful cannon bloodline, and can have a lot of problems at a custom site. Every Uchiha, or anyone that manages to get ahold of a Sharingan must follow these rules:

1. A character can not start with Mangekyo Sharingan, and must obtain it through RP.

2. The Sharingan stages are limited like this:

1 Tomoe: Genin
2 Tomoe: Chuunin
3 Tomoe: Unlocked after a lot of work as a Chuunin. Jounin
Mangekyo: Jounin

3. The Sharingan copy abilities are limited as well. (This goes for copying Taijutsu as well)

Genin can only copy C rank moves.
Chuunin can only copy up to B rank moves.
Jounin+ Can only copy up to A rank moves.
(S rank moves can not be copied)

4. Limits to copied Jutsu.

When you copy a Jutsu, you can only use the jutsu in the topic you copied it. If you want to keep it permanently in your arsenal, you will need permission from the person you copied the Jutsu from since it is not your creation. No one likes thieves.

5. If you modify a copied Jutsu in the topic you copied it from, to your own type of Jutsu though still similar, you still need the creator of the original Jutsu's permission to keep your own modified version.

6. If you want to keep a Jutsu in your arsenal permanently, not only do you need permission from the owner, but it also needs to be the same element as your characters elements.

7. Taijutsu can not be permanently copied, as well as Kenjutsu, unless you have the specialties other then Ninjustu that require movement copying can not be added to your arsenal unless you have that skill specialty. (As well as permission like always)

8. To obtain Mangekyo Sharingan, you must meet these standards:

1. Have had, and been active on your original Sharingan character for at least a month.
2. Have 250 or more posts.
3. You are of Jounin rank or higher.

When you meet those standards, you must then give a 4k long RP story on how you obtained the Mangekyo Sharingan. After that is made, you will need an approval on the RP topic, and then you may create your own Mangekyo Sharingan.

9. A Mangekyo Sharingan can only have 2 abilities. One in each eye.

10. If someone takes Genjutsu as an ability for one of their eyes, they are allowed only two Mangekyo Sharingan Genjutsu of their own for that eye.

11. Both eye's can not have the Genjutsu ability.

12. Jutsu that work in a similar manner to Amaterasu are allowed, but abuse of the ability will get it removed from you. Also, do not think that the jutsu is auto hit, and no flames as hot as Amaterasu are allowed.

13. There is no such thing as a forever lasting, impossible to break Genjutsu. So don't try getting one.

14. Kekkei Genkai jutsu and abilities can not be copied.

15. If you overuse your Mangekyo Sharinga, it will either kill you from chakra depletion, or make you completely blind. Signs of that happening are when your eyes begin to bleed (Usually after 2-3 skills have been used).

16. Only 3 Jutsu can be copied a topic.
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Kekkei Genkai Rules
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