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Revy Izumi
Revy Izumi

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PostSubject: NUS Element Guide    NUS Element Guide  EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 9:50 pm

(Please take note, that this is just a quick list of elements. There may be others that are custom created, and may not be on this list.)

-Basic Elements-

Fire "Katon"

The Fire Release area of elemental nature transformation are offensive-type techniques that primarily allow the user to create fire by increasing the temperature of their chakra. There are some exceptions to this though in which the shinobi forms mediums in order to create explosions.

Commonly affiliated with the Tiger hand seal, Fire Release techniques are mid-to-long-ranged that cause burning and explosive damage. Fire Release is strong against wind because air naturally feeds fire but weak against water due to its ability to extinguish flames. A sufficiently powerful fire jutsu can be strong enough to overwhelm its natural weakness of water.

Water "Suiton"

Water Release is one of the basic elemental nature transformation techniques that allow the user to manipulate pre-existing water, or create their own, by turning their chakra into water. It takes much more ability to create the water than to manipulate what is already available and expel it from their mouths. One of the most versatile of the five basic chakra natures, Water Release techniques can not only change shape but state as well. Moreover, the water becomes more solid in the process as well. The offensive water techniques commonly appear to do damage from the sudden force that they exert, which would cause massive internal damage to a human.

Water Release will naturally extinguish fire (though a sufficiently powerful technique can cause evaporation) but will naturally be overcome by earth. When water techniques are combined with Wind Release techniques, the concussive and overall destructive power is vastly increased. Also, water is efficient in combination with lightning, increasing the flow of electricity into the target.

Earth "Doton"

Earth Release is one of the basic elemental nature transformation techniques and allow the user to manipulate the surrounding earth for offensive and defensive purposes or create it; be it dirt, mud, or rock. Earth Release techniques have the ability to change the strength and composition of the earth from being as hard as metal to as soft as clay. This includes allowing the user to travel through ground and rock in various ways which can be essential for both transportation and for setting up attacks or creating defenses or for offense. Indeed, this makes earth techniques one of the most versatile of the elemental techniques. Pre-existing earth is not necessary though, for the user can create it with their own chakra.

Earth Release affinities are commonly affiliated with the Snake seal and/or slamming their palm onto the ground. Earth Release is naturally strong against water but likewise, Earth Release is also naturally weak against lightning, as lightning chakra cannot be grounded.

Wind "Fuuton"

Wind Release is one of the basic elemental nature transformation offensive-type techniques that allow the user to manipulate wind by shaping their chakra to be as sharp and as thin as possible, very much like the blades of a pair of scissors. The rarest of the five basic elemental chakra natures, wind techniques are suited for short-to-mid-range combatants, and combine brute force and precision to deal cutting and slashing damage. Wind-based techniques are typically performed by causing/generating movement in the air, such as the user blowing air from their mouth or creating air currents with objects. Users can even channel wind-natured chakra into blades to increase their range and cutting power. Wind-based techniques can also be made stronger if the user can generate a force of suction behind their target.

Wind is naturally strong against lightning techniques due to air being a strong electrical insulator, and likewise naturally weak against fire techniques due to fire's ability to consume and grow when exposed to air. In the case of a combination, it augments the strength of a fire technique as well as increases the concussive power of a water technique.

Lightning "Raiton"

Lightning Release is one of the basic elemental nature transformation techniques that allow the user to generate lightning by increasing the high frequency vibrations of their chakra, allowing for piercing damage and fast movement. The electricity can paralyze the target so that they are unable to move and leave them vulnerable to a finishing strike. While uncommon, lightning can be infused into bladed weapons in a way similar to Wind Release through chakra flow for increased the piercing power through vibrations, with the added effect of inducing numbness. When the technique is released from their bodies, and thus not requiring physical contact, it does not move as fast as true lightning. Instead, due to the control the user has to exert over it, it moves far slower, which can give opponents time to still react. Based on the exhaustion seen when using Lightning Release techniques, it can be presumed that they require more chakra than the other nature transformations.

A lightning technique is naturally weak against wind, and strong against earth, as lightning can easily travel through it, as well as break it apart.

-Advanced Elements-

Ice "Hyouton"

The Ice nature is created by simultaneously combining the Water and Wind natures. This nature allows for the use of Ice Release. Used through a kekkei genkai.

Wood "Mokuton"

Wood Release is an advanced nature kekkei genkai that combines earth- and water-based chakra to create wood and/or living trees. Wood Release techniques can be produced from anywhere, including the user's body, as the user's chakra is literally converted into a source of life. Wood Release is commonly affiliated with the Snake seal. Used through a kekkei genkai.

Lava "Youton"

Lava Release is an advanced nature kekkei genkai that combines fire- and earth-based chakra to create a torrent of lava that can melt away almost anything. This chakra nature can also manipulate other related materials such as lime, which is an alkaline powder, rather than molten rock. Lava Release is used by the Four-Tails, its Jinchuuriki, and is obtainable through a kekkei genkai.

Crystal "Shouton"

The Crystal Release is a rare and specialized field of elemental ninjutsu that can create crystal as well as manipulate already-existing crystals and crystalline structures. Crystal Release is obtained through a Kekkei Genkai, and is used with Earth Release, as well as Lightning Release.

Storm "Ranton"

Storm Release is an advanced nature kekkei genkai that combines lightning- and water-based chakra to create energy beams that can be guided towards the enemy.

Boil "Futton"

Boil Release is an advanced nature kekkei genkai and is made up of techniques that combine fire- and water- based chakra to create a powerful corrosive vapour capable of melting anything. The user is also able to control the range and level of the vapor's acidity, as well as create boiling hot water.

Explosion "Bakuton"

Explosion Release is an advanced chakra nature kekkei genkai. This chakra nature seems to give the wielder the ability to utilize explosive chakra in combat, allowing them to cause explosions in objects they come into contact with. Explosion Release is used through the basic Fire Element.
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