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 Before Time

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PostSubject: Before Time   Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:50 pm

Once upon a time the world as we know it was a very different place. Christ had not yet walked amongst man, Moses had not went to the mountain to talk with God and the world was ruled by monsters. However a lot had changed since then, fire rained from the skies clearing it of the reptilian tyrants, the sabertooth had a rise to power before sinking into the black oblivion of the tar and funny little creatures came out of the trees to claim the world as their own as monster after monster was vanquished and erased from existence. But what if I said they weren’t exactly dead? That the monsters that had haunted our nightmares for over 65 million years were still alive? Talk to the people of Dead River and they’ll you some interesting stories. Tales of creatures from lost lagoons, living ghosts of another time and monsters who hide behind human skins all seem to be common amongst its residents. Welcome to Dead River, where you ether make history or become history and where monsters still roam the Earth.


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Before Time
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