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 Sky Realm Academy | Live The Future..

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PostSubject: Sky Realm Academy | Live The Future..   Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:24 am

2150, a year where everything in the our current world has changed, especially Japan. There is now a new city, that is considered the biggest and the most developed in the whole world. It is called "Sky Realm City", created 10 years ago. Many things are special in this city, its technology is hundred of times more developed than other places, they even discovered new technologies that didn't leave the walls of this city yet, and the most important thing is that they were able to lift the land the city was built on and make it float in the air. The secrets behind the technology used in this is still unknown and remains a mystery. Every citizen lived happy in this city, enjoying the organised laws and the comfortable services. But this only lasted one single year, it only lasted to the day the "Great Explosion" happened. It is the explosion of the biggest laboratory in the word. Hopefully the laboratory was surrounded by an invisible force field that maintained the explosion, protecting this great city from a mass destruction that may end the lives of all the citizens living there. The government didn't know anything about the gates that this explosion opened to a different world, a whole different dimension that no one knew about. From this gate, weird, supernatural, extraterrestrial creatures entered the city. No adjectives and no words can describe these things, they were finally called "The Demons". With these Demons great responsibilities came. The gates allowed an invisible gas penetrate our world, especially Sky Realm City. This gas is what gave the demons their special abilities and the same thing that will infect the citizens of the city granting them similar abilities.

The government had of course to start reacting to the disaster the scientists have caused, The Demons were taking over the city, most of the citizens didn't know how to use their abilities properly to stand against them, only few were able to control their abilities and fight back. But this little number couldn't stand against the great army of the invaders. They had to recruit more.. That's when Sky Realm Academy was founded. It was created for one purpose, and one purpose only, that is to teach the "gifted" or someone may refer to them as "cursed" citizens how to control their abilities. Something unexpected happened though, one of these Demons abilities is that they were able to adapt to the human world, taking a humanoid form and mimicking all of the human's moves. They quickly were able to access the academy and be part of it without everyone knowing. We are now living the consequences of what our scientists caused.. Which side will you fight for? Who'll enjoy the victory? Only time will tell..

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Sky Realm Academy | Live The Future..
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