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The 9 Bijuu

Bijuu Shukaku2One Tailed Shukaku
Automatic Sand Defense
Sand Manipulation
Major Chakra Boost

Bijuu NibiTwo Tailed Nibi
Minor Chakra Boost
Reflex & Speed Boost
Fire Breath
Increased Flexibility

Bijuu SanbiThree Tailed Sanbi
Very Fast Swimming
Major Chakra Boost
Senses Movement In Water

Bijuu YonbiFour Tailed Yonbi
Strength Boost
Minor Chakra Boost
Yoton Release

Bijuu GobiFive Tailed Gobi
Minor Chakra Boost
Each tail gives the Jin
a custom ability

Bijuu Rokubi-1Six Tailed Rokubi
Intelligence Boost
Bubble Release

Bijuu ShichibiSeven Tailed Shichibi
Flight(When in any tailed form)
Enhanced Wind Release(Under Bijuu Chakra)
Enhanced Jumping Height

Bijuu HachibiEight Tailed Hachibi
Taken By: Sunyin
Major Chakra Boost
Major Strength Boost
Minor Speed Boost
Ink Release

Bijuu KyuubiNine Tailed Kyuubi
Major Chakra Boost
Major Speed Boost
Major Strength Boost
Fast Healing(When in tailed forms)

How To Obtain a Bijuu

  • All characters made as a Jinchuuriki must start as a Genin
  • Can not own a KKG(Bloodline)
  • Must start in a village
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