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 Directions to the Mizukage's Palace

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Meimukami no Makai

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PostSubject: Directions to the Mizukage's Palace   Directions to the Mizukage's Palace EmptySun Jul 17, 2011 9:09 am

Makai stood before the stairs leading to the Gates of Kirigakure looking over the Hidden Mist Village with a blank expression as he stood there. His guards standing two on each side of him keeping a close eye on their surroundings. It had taken five hours for them to reach the hidden mist village after all the rower their escort wasn't able to run like a Shinobi meaning travelling would be far slowly for them. Makai paid the rower again and thanked him in a raspy wheezing voice. The rower smiled and left all the while how did such a ill Shinobi ever reach the position of Raikage? Makai began to cough violently as pain started to rise in his chest. The journey had taken quite a bit out of his body. He had been told not to journey far from the village if needed as the strain of travelling would push his body too far. He fell to one knee coughing violently as he pulled his cloth up only to gasp for air spewing up blood. Blood splattered across the ground with bits of flesh from his lungs amongst the blood.

Hana and Kirino quickly raced to their leaders side using the mystical palm technique to heal him. He gasped for air his throat burning as he drew in sharp raspy breaths. He knelt against the ground for five or so minutes slowly letting his body adjust. His hands shaking as he slowly climbed to his feet only to collapse. Takeshi and Hanataro quickly grabbed him placing his arms over their shoulders to help him stand. Makai thanked his two Jounin as they escorted him up the steps finding a few Chunin and a single Jounin at the gate guarding the entrance asking for ID. They turned to face Makai and his team asking for their ID. Makai slowly moved a hand behind his back retrieving his Ninja ID revealing it to the Chunin. They quickly shouted for the gates to be opened.

As the gates started to open Makai turned to one of the chunin, "Can you...cough...instruct to where...cough...the Mizukage's please." spoke Makai a small amount of blood appearing at his lips only for Hana to wipe it away with a small tissue. The Chunin nodded his head slowly.

“The Mizukage’s palace is in the centre of the village it’s the tallest building. Mizukage-sama’s office is at the direct top”” said the Chunin as he blinked staring at the Raikage wondering why he was still a Kage if he was sick. Makai thanked the Chunin as Takeshi and Hanataro helped him through the gates. He grabbed the Odachi from his back still in its sheath using it to support himself kind of like a cane as he slowly headed towards the Mizukage’s palace using his sword as a crutch.

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Directions to the Mizukage's Palace
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