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 Arriving in Mizu no Kuni

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Meimukami no Makai

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PostSubject: Arriving in Mizu no Kuni   Arriving in Mizu no Kuni EmptySun Jul 17, 2011 8:55 am

Makai sat back within the boat his companies sitting around him. Takeshi and Hanataro were playing a simple game of cards to pass the time while Hana and Kirino were talking to one another about the latest gossip. Makai shut his emotionless onyx black eyes as he laid back going deep into thought. He had heard wierd from travelers from Kirigakure that the current Mizukage was very young this had raised Makai's curiosity. Besides being able to try and form an alliance with Kirigakure he would be able to find out just how young this current Mizukage was. He sighed softly as he listened to his surroundings. The gentle sound of the water splashing around him as oars pass through the water pushing the boat forward. He could hear the sounds of birds in the air speaking back and forth between one another.

The Raikage opened his right eye looking up into the mist around them. He sat up as he could see the docks coming into sight. They had been travelling for waht three four hours at beast now he'd have to guess. As the docks got closer one of the boats rowers grabbed the rope and used it to tie the boat to the docks allowing Makai and his four Jounin to get off. Makai slowly got to his feet coughing into his white cloth again. He just hoped he would find himself an heir soon someone to pass his teachings onto. Maybe he'd find that person in Kirigakure but he doubted it. Makai dusted his pants off and walked over to the boats rower to pay him for helping them across. As he paid the rower he asked if he knew the way to Kirigakure no Sato to which the rower said he did. With that makai paid him extra asking him to escort him and his team to the Hidden Mist Village.

The rower smiled and walked on head calling out to Makai ad his Jounin to follow him to the village. Makai stuffed his hands into his pockets and walked off following after the man his four Jounin's running after him to catch up with their leader. The trip was relatively silent the rower asking questions now and then to which one of Makai's Jounin aswered knowing that their Kage rarely spoke unless he wanted to. Makai jsut walked along voices nagging at the back of his head a small blue glow around his five blades. Makai sent a silent message into the back of his head telling them to be quiet. THe glows vanished from his swords as the voices stopped allowing Makai to think clearly as they walked.

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Arriving in Mizu no Kuni
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