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 Leaving Kumogakure and Heading to Kirigakure

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Meimukami no Makai

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Leaving Kumogakure and Heading to Kirigakure Empty
PostSubject: Leaving Kumogakure and Heading to Kirigakure   Leaving Kumogakure and Heading to Kirigakure EmptySun Jul 17, 2011 8:40 am

Makai Kasai stood atop the Raikage tower with his usual calm expression. His long black Haori flapped as a cold wind blew by. He placed a hand upon the hilt of one of his Wakizashi strapped to his right hip a small voice nagging at the back of his mind calling to play a prank upon the Village Hidden in the Cloud's. Makai ignored the voice as he slowly headed back inside heading into his office. Dark bags sat beneath his eyes as his coak black gaze stared down the hallways of his tower. He raised a sickly pale hand slowly opening the door to his office and walking in. There standing at his desk were two Jounin and two of his villages best Medic Shinobi. Makai walked apst them his spiked black hair flowing down to his back as always. The Raikage slowly sat down into his seat before taking in a raspy breath of air as if struggling to breathe.

The first Jounin was a man with short brown hair standing at six foot three inches in height. He wore the standard issue Jounin Uniform of Kumogakure. Strapped across his back a single Katana. He was Takeshi a demolition expert specialising in powerful Raiton and Katon based Ninjutsu. The second Jounin another man about six foot in height with light blonde hair and tanned skin dressed in the standard Jounin attire. On the mans back in an 'x' shape were two ninjato. The man had bulging muscles that seemed to make his sleeves tight. This man was Hanataro one of the villages taijutsu experts.

The next two both Kunoichi were two of the villages most respect Medical Shinobi and two ninja Makai trusted with his life. The first was in her mid twenties with long flowing blonde hair and dark tanned skinned. She was dressed in the standard Kumo Jounin attire the same with the other Kunoichi. The second slightly taller than the other at five foot four inches had short black hair dressed just like her fellow medic. Both of them were equiped with med pouches to the side of their belts and numerous scrolls. The blonde was known as Hana and the other known as Kirino.

Makai stared at the four and spoke in raspy breaths coughing between words "Thank you...cough...for coming on...cough...such short...cough...notice" spoke the Raikage as he slowly got up. The four Jounin level shinobi bowed to their leader, "I would ask that you...cough...accompany me to...cough...Kirigakure to...cough...form an alliance...cough...with the current Mizukage. Cough....Takeshi and Hanataro...cough...shall be my guards..cough. Hana you and...cough...Kirino will be my...cough..medics as always."

The fourh shinobi nodded their heads saluting giving a chorus of 'hai's'. Makai slowly ehaded to the door his four companies following after him. Takeshi and Hanataro standing in front of him with Hana and Kirino behind him. As they left the village the civilians and Ninja of the village cried for their safe return and to protect the Raikage. Makai placed a hand on one of his katana as a precaution as they headed to the Kumogakure docks. The treck to the docks was a short and quiet one. The workers at the docks bowing in respect as Makai walked past to the nearest boat asking the boat's rower to take them to Kirigakure. Makai sat in the middle of the boat taking out a white silk cloth and coughing violently into it blood staining the cloth. His medics Hana and Kirino quickly went through a series of hand seals their hands glowing green as they held them against their leaders back to help ease the pain.

The boats rower pushed off the dock slowly rowing towards the Hidden Mist Island with his co-rowers. Takeshi and Hanataro stayed alert ready to jump into action should the need rise. Makai just sat their wiping the blood from his lips as the pain in his chest started to vanish.

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Leaving Kumogakure and Heading to Kirigakure
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