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 Kumogakures Mission Guide

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PostSubject: Kumogakures Mission Guide   Kumogakures Mission Guide EmptySun Jul 17, 2011 3:02 am


Missions are the fundamentals of any village. Shinobi are handed out Missions by their respective Kage's. For Kumogakure each Shinobi is given their mission by the Raikage or Lightning Shadow. Each Mission details the location, objective along with any secondary objectives, the conditions to fail and conditions to succeed the mission along with the number of participants, the type of mission and the client. Depending on your rank as a Ninja you will recieve a mission equal or higher than your rank depending on your skill. These missions can range from delivering letters to reconnaissance, guard duty, escort, assassination, capture and even scouting.

D-rank Missions

D level Missions are basic missions under taken by Genin level Shinobi. D level Missions are hosted within the village and are basic house hold chores ranging from fence painting, shopping for the elderly, walking dogs, cleaning houses, baby sitting and many more remedial tasks.

C-Rank Missions

C-rank Missions are missions that often require one to leave the village but never to travel far. On these level of missions one is expected to run into Genin level enemy Shinobi, bandits, mercenaries and thieves. C rank missions can be taken by a single genin.

B-rank Missions

B ranked missions are the next level of Mission above those of C rank. On B level Missions one can be expected to run into Chunin Level Opponents or even Low Jounin enemies. B class Missions are only handed out to of the rank Chunin and above. B ranks can be given out to a team of Genin and their Jounin-sensei only if both the Raikage and the teams Sensei deem them skilled enough.

A Rank

A ranked missions are the next level of mission and highly dangerous. On these levels of missions shinobi are expected to run into A level opponents. On A level missions a Shinobi is often expected to lose his or her life to complete the mission. At this stage only Jounin and above and possibly highly skilled Chunin are Eeigible to take these missions.

S Rank

S ranked missions are the next level of danger for a shinobi's life. S level missions have often been called Suicide missions. At this stage Shinobi can be expected to face S level threats. S level missions are only given out to the most skilled of Jounin and never to Chunin and below.

Suicidal Missions

Classified: Authorized Personnel Only. These missions are given directly out by the Raikage and details are kept between the Raikage and the participants and no one else. Those that breach this rule will be executed publicly. These level of missions have a 99% death rate

Posting Limit's

The completion of each mission requires a certain number of words before it can be completed. If the word requirement is not met by all parties participating in the mission then the mission will be marked as a failure. Each mission requires a certain number of words before it can be completed and each post must entail aspects of the mission

D Rank - No word limit required

C Rank - 400 Words

B Rank - 700 Words

A Rank - 1200 Words

S Rank - 1500 Words

Suicidal Rank - 40,000 Words

Mission Classes

Remedial Chores

Rank Requirement: Genin and above

These type of missions are often reserved for Genin. Chore type missions range from shopping for the elderly, mowing lawns, cleaning houses, baby sitting, collecting trash and many more remedial tasks. These level missions range between D to C level. These usually require for one to help out another village with its chores or workers around the village.

Guard Duty

Rank Requirement: Genin and Above

Guard Duty missions require for Shinobi to head out to the designated location and protect the client or the chosen person or persons by the client. Guard Duty missions are generally set in one location and don't require Shinobi to move around any further upon reaching the location. Guard duty missions range from C to even Kumo level depending on the status of the client or who the client wants protected. Guard duty missions also require changing shifts with the Shinobi at the guards to guard the front guards to even changing shifts with the guards at near different guard towers.

Covert Operations

Rank Requirement: Chunin and Above

Covert Operations are the secret missions handed out by the Raikage Personally. These level of missions are kept a secret and are not to be discussed amongst anyone else besides the participants of the mission and the Raikage. These class of missions cannot be refused and must be taken. These missions are kept hush hush as they range from the Assassination of high ranking officials, Infiltration of other villages, Recon, Sabotage to even Kidnapping high rank officials. If one is captured on these missions the Village and the Raikage will deny all creditability of those individuals stating they are rogue Ninja or all Knowledge of your existence will be denied. These missions are ranked B and up.[ /center]


Rank Requirement: Chunin and Above

Seduction Missions are Missions that can be refused at anytime by any Shinobi. These are often given out to experienced Kunoichi of the Raikage's choosing and are never given out to any below the age of twenty-five. Seduction Missions require for those entitled to seduce the target often sleeping with them or teasing them. These missions can range from Recon or Capture or Assassination. These level of Missions are often ranked B and above. When these missions are taken they are given out to parties of two. One used member for seduction the other as Back up to get their partner out of there if anything goes wrong.


Rank Requirement: Chunin and Above or Team of Genin+Jounin

Demolition Missions are the class of Missions handed out that require large scale Destruction. These missions are often handed out to experienced Ninjutsu experts and are carried out to the letter making sure everything of the intended location has been wiped out.


Rank Requirement: Genin and Above

Patrol missions are those handed out to Shinobi instructing them to patrol certain areas or to change shifts with another team. Patrol missions range from patrolling the village or patrolling the boarders or patrolling around the nearby villages. These can range from C to A level.


Rank Requirements: Genin and Above

Delivery type missions are those where Shinobi are instructed to carry a package or packages from the village to another country, village or even person. Delivery missions also in tale heading towards a set location and picking up a package or packages and bringing them back to the village. The package can be a letter to an artefact to even a jutsu scroll. These missions rank between C class and S class depending on the rarity of the package.


Rank Requirement: Genin and Above

Reconnaissance and Scouting Missions require the use of gathering information around certain locations, certain individuals, groups, organisations or other villages. These missions require absolute stealth as to not be caught. If caught any knowledge of your existence will be denied. These missions rank from C to Suicidal.


Rank Requirement: Chunin and Above

Assassination missions are high level missions requiring the utmost delicacy and stealth. In Assassination missions ones job is to seek out the individual they must assassinate and do it quickly, carefully and quietly without making any form of noise. If you are caught any knowledge of your existence will be denies by the Village. Assassination missions range from B rank to Suicidal rank.


Rank Requirement: Genin and above

Capture based missions are those detailing the use of subduing and capturing the intended target. Capture missions require that the intended target is not to be killed or to badly damage in any form or shape. These targets are after are to be brought back immediately to the village that must be brought back alive. These range from C rank to Suicidal level missions.


Rank Requirement: Genin and Above

Missions classed as Defence are missions given out during times of war. These missions entitle Shinobi to protect and defend their village with their lives. Defence missions are an utmost importance to the village and must be completed successfully failure is not an option. If needed an Anbu squad or squad of high ranking Jounin will be sent to aid in defending the village.


Rank Requirement: Genin and Above

Escort missions are mission’s one level above delivery class missions and Guard duty missions. Escort missions detail the use of escorting cargo or certain individuals or even groups from one village to another or to another country. These levels of missions are classed as important and should be done with the utmost discretion. Escort missions mostly detail the use of escorting high ranking officials, important workings or important cargo. These missions are ranked C to Suicidal.


Rank Requirement: Chunin and Above or a Genin Squad.

Teaching level missions are ones hosted within the village. These level missions require the use of a Shinobi taking over classes at the Shinobi Academy or taking on a student to help them in areas they are lacking. These missions can be taken by Genin squads but only for the Academy to help out the CHunin instructors with their classes.

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Kumogakures Mission Guide
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