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 Kiri Mission Request Guide

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Revy Izumi

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PostSubject: Kiri Mission Request Guide   Kiri Mission Request Guide EmptySat Jul 16, 2011 12:58 pm


Missions are what Kage give to Village Ninja to get tasks done, and progress in their skill as a Ninja faster. Ninjas vary by rank, and depending on the rank, can be something as simple as delivering a letter, or doing basic village work, to hunting a criminal located in another country, or aiding other villages in battles. Your ninja rank depends on the rank of mission you get, for the lower ranks are often to inexperienced to be sent on serious missions. As you rank up, you will have access to higher level missions


  • D Rank

    D ranked missions are the simplest of missions, and often are performed by Genin. They never require one to leave a village, and are most often made of chores that need to be done around the village. These can be done alone by single Genin.

  • C Rank

    C ranked missions are another set of simple missions, but expand a bit in variety from that of a D ranked mission. Rarely do they ever require one to leave the village, and if they do, it's often not that far from the village gates. These can be done alone by single Genin.

  • B Rank

    B ranked missions are missions given to Chuunin, or squads of Genin that are assisted by a Jounin Team leader. B ranked missions put the actual skill of a Ninja to the test, as well as test Teamwork, and Leadership. B ranked missions can often put the life of the ninja on the line, which is why they are often escorted by Jounin. There are also B ranked missions made for single Genin, but only given to those who have proven they are capable of performing such feats.

  • A Rank

    A ranked missions are missions given to skilled Chuunin, as well as Jounin. They often test the ninjas true skill, and require a lot of work. A ranked missions can be anything from traveling to another country, or hunting down someone who's gone missing. A ranked missions usually put the Ninjas life on the line, as many dangers are involved.

  • S Rank

    S ranked missions are a cut above A ranked, and often put true skill and power to the test. Only given to those completely trustworthy, S ranked missions have the biggest dangers, but can also give the biggest rewards. They are often given to Jounin, or members of elite groups.

  • SS Rank

    SS ranked missions are missions of even far more importance then even S ranked missions. They can vary on what they are, to taking out legendary criminals, or a mission that may have been given to the Mizukage, from leaders outside of the village. This being said, SS ranked missions can often put the reputation of the village on the line, as well as the Ninjas life.

  • X Rank

Classified: Authorized Personnel Only

~Posting Limit's~

To complete a mission, you must get the task at hand done, as well as meet a certain word requirement, to show you at least put minimal effort into completing the mission. Only the lower ranked missions have these requirements, as the higher rank you get, the more trusted you become. No need to be babied forever! If multiple people are apart of the mission, each person will have to meet these requirements to turn it in.

  • D Rank - 200 Words
  • C Rank - 350 Words
  • B Rank - 500 Words
  • A Rank - 850 Words
  • S Rank - 1100 Words
  • SS Rank - 2300 Words
  • X Rank - 35,000 Words

~Mission Types~

Mission Type
Mission Type Description
Ranks Permitted
Chore Chore Missions are usually D, and C ranked missions that require one to aid villagers, and workers around the village in a task they have requested, or are in need of help with. These can be anything from helping farmers in the fields, to babysitting young ones. Genin
Covert Covert Missions are Missions where one must dispatch an enemy in an isolated place, away from others, and not openly acknowledged, or displayed. These are usually only of B ranked and above, though rarely you may see one as low as C rank. Genin
Delivery Delivery Missions are Missions where one must deliver a package to another location, or retrieve a package. The package can be anything from a rare artifact, to a simple letter. These can be any rank, depending on the importance, but ones that remain within the village are usually lower ranked. Genin
Assassination Assassination Missions are Missions where one must dispatch the target quickly, and carefully, without being seen or heard. They are similar to a Covert Mission, but to successfully do this mission, you must be stealthy and quick. You must not be seen, or caught during these types of missions, unless it is by the one you are pursuing, so long as you get the job done. Genin
Scouting Scouting Missions are Missions where one must collect information on something, and report it back. Stealth is not a must for this type of Mission, and dispatching of foes is not permitted. Genin
Ghost Recon A Ghost Recon Mission is a Mission where one must secretively collect information, and report it back successfully. When on a Ghost Recon, one must use all means necessary to not be discovered, thus it requires a perfect stealth, as well as a smart mind. Dispatching of foes is permitted, but only under certain circumstances. Genin
Capture A Capture Mission is where one must capture the designated target, alive. These can vary in rank depending on the skill of the one to be captured, and are often safe for all ranks. When on a Capture Mission, one must not severely injure the target, or kill the target, as they are needed to be brought back alive. Genin
Defense Defense Missions are missions where one must defend their village, in a time of war, or during an attack. Any rank is permitted to defend, but these missions can sometimes be risky, and success is an absolute must. Many lives rely heavily on those defending the village, thus, it is important to bring teammates, or friends with you. Under certain circumstances, an ANBU squad may be dispatched to aid you in battle. Genin
Escort Escort Missions are Missions where one must escort cargo, or an important person to a location at another country, another village, or even somewhere within the country. These are usually just to keep bandits away, but very often might one have a bounty over their head, and under the protection of the Mist. These are often only given to teams, though some Jounin may be able to handle these missions alone. If a team of Genin are sent, a Jounin must escort them, unless the destination is within the country. Genin
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Kiri Mission Request Guide
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