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 Jerjin Hunichi

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PostSubject: Jerjin Hunichi   Jerjin Hunichi EmptySat Aug 06, 2011 7:20 am

Name:Jerjin Hunichi

Nickname:Kl'pt,Chartah(Charter,God of there clan)

Weight:210 lbs

Height: 5,7



Appearance:Purple eyes,Black hair,has wild look to him

Clothing:A white robe that has a a blue X on both shoulders andblack gloves with his headband over his mouth,trys to cover his left arm to not be seen

Personality:A very quite boy who stays his own bees wacks

Likes:To get stronger,Studying the Akasuki member Hidan'

Dislikes:Ones who mock him and know not of his strength or power

Clan name:Hunichi

Kekki Genki:They can control any element know one they call the witch is basicly portals and Hex's(Only Jerjin says this as all the elements in one)

Clan symbol:Looks like a dark hole with arms reaching out of it(Agin only jerjin thinks of it as the clan symbol cause its engraved in his chest not even he knows where it came from)

Clan history:As a child he was born a demon and killed most of his clan the few who lived left but there powers left them and they couldnt hear,see,talk,smell,(Basicly breathing is the only thing they can do)
they say he was a biju but he was soon a in a human from so no one knows

Ability Summary:He emplanted 2 little canons in both his hands and since his Kekki Genkai lets himm control all elements he used Lighting and Earth to make a Element he calls Bolk witch is like massive firepower he can also mix Bolk with other elements such as fire and wind to make diffent Bolk type jutsu


Classification:He is currently a Acad Student

Letter Rank:even thought he is in a D rank he is realy a A rank ninja

Village:Leaf as of 8/6/2011


Main: Ninjutsu

Sub: Taijutsu

Element:All(Kekki Genki)

Special Characteristics:no one knows whats under the clothes under his left arm but and the cannon under it can be seen

Flaw:Twice the amount of charka is used for any jutsu



[b]Name:Compack Shot jutsu
[b]Hand Seals:Ox,Dog,Bird,Horse
[b]Description:Fire's a basic shot that explodes(6 Foot rate)

[b]Name:Devil Arch jutsu
[b]Type:Settsui Jenruk
[b]Hand Seals:Dog,Ox,Bird,Tiger,Horse,
[b]Description:Two demond hands cover over the caster

[b]Name:Hell passing jutsu
[b]Type:Fire,Settsui Jenruk
[b]Hand Seals:Ox,Dog,Bird,Dragon,Monkey
[b]Element:Fire Settsui Jerruk
[b]Description:An orbs of fire rise from the ground (matter on ammount of chakura what rank it is~Jerin rank C,2 orbs~),blow up on contact

[b]Name:Demon blood:Immortal rise
[b]Type:settsui Jenruk
[b]Hand Seals:Seals only jerjin knows:Goss,Blood,Rise,Crush
[b]Element:Settsui jenruk
[b]Description:summonds 3 giant demon arms that have the same marking on jerjins chest when they all light up
he can use Demon Blood:End impact

[b]Name:Demon Blood:End Impact
[b]Type:Settsui Jenruk
[b]Hand Seals:Jerjin knows:Goss,Rise,Rust,Greed,Mind
[b]Description:The arms suck the life to make chakra(somthing that has charkra already is not effected)cause the jutsu has the use more charka then humanly possiable to hold and then blows there selfs up and makes blacks hole that gets bigger(90 foot rate)

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Jerjin Hunichi
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