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PostSubject: Hokkaido Clan WIP   Hokkaido Clan WIP EmptyMon Aug 01, 2011 2:16 am

Clan Name Hokkaido Clan

History//Legend of the Clan:

The Saki no Aime was developed years after the Hokkaido's clan appearance. The Hokkaido clan being a clan of Samurai, the use of a bloodline nor ninjutsu was never a concern, yet they remained unaware of their powers until a lone member of the clan decided to choose the shinobi path. Detested for his choice since Samurai and Shinobi did not always get along, he was ridiculed and nearly stricken from the clan at a whole. However, upon reaching the level of Chuunin, Hokkaido Kazuhiro, the lone shinobi of the Hokkaido, activated his bloodline during the Hokkaido Rite of Passage into his teenage years, suddenly able to see blue swirls in his vision, which was revealed to be air currents.

Upon inspection of the Hokkaido scriptures, it theorized that the bloodline is the result of a mutation between the first Hokkaido's bloodline and most likely his spouse, resulting in the sapphire eyes and windmill-shuriken pupils. It is currently unknown as to /what/ the original bloodline was, and has been deemed that it will never be known. However, the wife was noted by the originator of the Hokkaido clan to have "delicate jade green eyes, yet when she was consumed with emotion, the tint and color of her eyes changed to as blue as sapphire... it was as if the wind suddenly feared her when her colors changed, yet I remained even more so attracted to her as a whole."

As the scriptures told, whenever Kazuhiro became consumed with emotion, his eye colors changed, which explained why he activated it during his Rite of Passage ritual; as he was consumed with spite for his relatives detesting him, and the sudden emotion to prove them wrong with all his might. It was eventually named Saki no Aime, the Blue Eyes of Blades.

Upon further research of the bloodline and the eventual death of from old age, the clan underwent a sudden transformation from a Samurai clan to a sudden division between lingering Samurai and new Shinobi. They would both eventually be integrated, and the use of Samurai and Shinobi styles would be common practice. It is around this time that the Hokkaido clan would fully integrate itself onto the village they resided in, which was the Hidden Village Of The Sand.

The Bloodline would then reveal another technique firstly unknown. The Tou no Ushi, known as the Tower of Sorrow, was activated horribly during another Rite of Passage ritual, activated by the elder who was fighting the newly-teen aged boy. The boy would be scarred forever, and eventually was executed by request of seppuku from the boy to release his misery. Due to the fear of this horrible 3rd stage Genjutsu, the Hokkaido clan decided, even against protest, that they focus on Genjutsu for the Shinobi style in order to control their bloodline's horrific jutsu. Upon research, this jutsu is speculated to be the one and final jutsu that originally solely on the first Hokkaido, hence the theory that he too had a bloodline.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:

Saki No Aime{Blue Eyes Of Blades}The Saki no Aime, when activated, turns the user's eyes a sapphire blue, and the pupils suddenly extend outward, resembling the blades of a windmill shuriken, It also allows the user to see when currents, the wind currents when be shown as arrows allowing the user to be able to use the wind currents to help go on the attack or slow down or even stop a jutus in its tracks. The more chakra the user uses during a jutsu or technique, the blue shade glows brighter and brighter, eventually maxing out where the user, when running, leaves a trail of blue light. Most of the bloodline's effects are extremely passive; only created for support of the user rather anything offensive, save for the 3rd and 4th stage.
Though considered a jutsu meant for support of genjutsu techniques, the bloodline itself consists mostly of ninjutsu properties, but is developed and trained for the use of genjutsu, utilizing speed and distance to activate genjutsu techniques from far away.

Stage 1 :

As a result of the massive chakra surge within the user's body, the user's eyes begin to shine the color of sapphire blue, the same shade color as chakra itself. In this stage, one blade extends outwards towards the end of the iris, resembling a curved blade, exactly like that of a windmill shuriken. The first stage is considered the "raw" stage of the bloodline, due to the effects upon being activated being uncontrollable. After the first activated you have control over your eyes but are almost blind due to the wind currents. this is due to the fact that the chakra flow is flowing wildly during this stage, hence the transformation of the user's eye color.

The bloodline is activated for the first time through the use of feeling strong emotions that affect the whole body, such as adrenaline, shock, anger and any such that surges the chakra flow within one's body faster and faster until it surges in the form of blue eyes with blades.
However, it eventually becomes a tradition along the Hokkaido lineage to activate bloodlines during the rite of passage. If the user is a shinobi, he is /required/ to activate the bloodline once he reaches genin and /only through/ the rite of passage. If he fails to summon his bloodline, he cannot attend Genin missions or proceed with his shinobi lifestyle until he he activates the bloodline.

- User's sight is heightened; he is able to see sharper and see much farther things in detail equal to one with 5/20 vision. (He can see at 20 feet what a normal person can see at 5 feet)
- The user is able to see wind currents{ the wind currents are more like arrows showing which the wind is going and coming from} within his view in the form of solid blue waves up to a 7 times the range of his arm fully extended forward. It is known as the "Wind Tunnel"
- Long range-sight and predicting wind-current paths perfect for long-range combat. If user is skilled at long-range weapons, he can take flat, wind-cutting shots at a long-range.

- He can see /every/ wind current. Even the smallest breezes are visible due to his increased sight, even moving blinds him due to the winds. Thus, Taijutsu is basically impossible due to to guaranteed blindness, forcing him to keep a long distance from the opponent.

Stage 2:

This can only be activated once the user has begun to properly utilize his bloodline despite the horrible setbacks. The user's pupils suddenly extend another blade on each eye, and the eyes become a brighter blue from the extra surge of chakra needed to activate the second stage. He will now have two blades on each eye each time he activates his bloodline. This brighter shade of sapphire blue automatically becomes the standard, normal shade with each activation. The chakra flow is now calm, and the weaknesses of Stage One have been "fixed."

First stage of his bloodline must be activated and used in battle 3 times, win or lose

- The user is now able to "toggle" his eyesight between seeing the currents and not seeing the currents, enabling taijutsu and proper movement.

- The range of seeing the currents has halved, enabling the user to only see currents at only 3 times the range of his arm extended forward.
- Slipstream Dash creates a huge strain on the legs each time it is used, therefore can only be used for a max of 2 posts before he is forced to stop.
- Stop period before he can Slipstream again is one post. (Dash>Stop>Wait>Dash)
- Slipstream Dash can only be used 3 times in battle
- Any ninjutsu's strength weakens by 5% each post. (100 to 95 to 90 to... etc)

Stage 3:

A third blade extends on each eye and is permanantly there each time the bloodline is activated. The eyes glow even brighter, and the blades slowly begin to circulate in a circular motion, like an actual windmill. The chakra flow remains calm, but flows faster. The eyes, when activated, will glow with Stage 2's shade. Only when the user utilizes any stages above stage 2 will the eyes brighten. Once the technique for the higher stage is completed, the glow returns back to stage 2.

User must have used his bloodline 6 times in battle total. User must have won at least once with his bloodline. Stage 3 cannot be activated until Chuunin.
User must enter the next Hokkaido Rite of Passage, where he is forced to endure a full-time Tower of Sorrow genjutsu from his senior clan relative to test his mental and logical balance.

Final Stage "Eye of the fallen king":

The final stage of the Saki no Aoime features the fourth and final blade that extends, completing the full windmill shuriken. The eyes glow to its maximum level, resulting in a bright blue glow that is noticeable from afar and can leave a streak of Miasma particle with any movement. As like stage 3, the eyes only glow this bright when utilizing Stage 4's jutsus or activating it for the first time. Known as "Eye of the fallen king," the user's body becomes calm and controlled while chakra pours within him.

6 times more after the previous stage is unlocked .

- The Miasma begins to slowly pour out of his body, creating tiny solid particles in the air that, if the victim breathes it in, will experience a harsh, intense, unrelenting pain in his lungs each time he breathes. This forces the victim to keep his distance at all times, as the pain is unbearable. The range is 2x the length of his arm extended forward.
- User is immune to the particles
- Calm and controlled body in any situation.
- User can see every wind current in his plain view
- User can toggle the viewing of currents and not viewing them.
- User retains Stage 2's strengths

- Tou no ushi (and Toki Kiri) is sealed during this stage, and cannot be used in the current battle due to the extreme chakra use of Stage 4
- Stage 4 (and the bloodline itself) has a time limit, indicated by the disappearing blades. One blade from each eye disappears until there are no more blades, and the bloodline deactivates. This means Stage 4, and the bloodline itself lasts for a limited time (6 posts total)s. Also using jutsu in this level will hinder the length you can stay in this level.
6 D rank= 1 blade lost, 4 C rank=one blade lost, 2 B rank= 1 blade lost, 1 A rank=1 blade lost, 1 S rank= 2 Blades lost. all together a max 6 jutsu can be use before drained out of chakra regardless of rank.

Clan Information:

- Clan Training :: In House family training, Father's normally trains his son's or daughter in unlocking the first level of the Dojutus, Normally the third stage is taught to the member by one of the elders or current leader of the clan.

- Population :: Small

- Nature//Values :: Write Here

- Clan Symbol :: Write Here

Additional Information:

- Clan Founder :: Hokkaido Kazuhiro{ Founder of the Dojutus}

- Relationship :: Great Great Grand Father

- Clan Political Structure :: N/A

- Important Members ::
Hokkaido Kazuhiro{founder of the dojutus}- Dead
Katsu Hokkaido{First to unlock the final stage of the Dojutus}- Current Leader of the Clan
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