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It was just another day in Konoha. Yumiko had, like always, finished her paper work way before it was due. This allowed her some time to herself before she had to get backt o her Kagély duties. Sighing as she pushing her chair out from the desk and walked towards the window, and into the village below. The late afternoon breeze washed against her soft face as a gentle smile touched her lips. Opening the window and slipping out, Yumiko jumped off the ledge and landed onto Konoha streets with a light tip sound of her heels.

Flattening out her dress and walking towards the center of the village, many people waved, or said hello to her. Some even went as far as bowing to pay respect. Did the villagers, respect her so much? Has she done such a good job? Yumiko since becoming Hokage has only done exactly what she thought would benefit the village the most. Though most of her methods are verbal and completely absent of violence, Yumiko holds no regret over her choices. Apparently, neither do the villagers.

Passing by Ichiraku's ramen shop, Yumiko ducked her head in and asked for a bowl of ramen. Gladly paying for her food, Yumiko rested on the stole as looked around, the flaps of the resturant open so she could do so. What would today have in store for her?
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