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~General Information~

Name: Kairi Sousha Hateshinai

- Glass Table Girls -

Glass Table Girls represent one of the many conditions in which X'O is unwillingly partaking in. The glass represents the fact that he can see through people from his own perspective - being able to read them and over analyze their emotions and thoughts and gather probable results and predict the cause of the issue. Whereas - just like all of them seem to be a double edged sword. The glass may also represent the fact that he is fragile on the inside. Mentally and emotionally strong yet weak at the same time when 'uncertainty' takes over. Speaking of uncertainty ~ Table represents how sturdy and well put together he appears. Knows and Has good morals and values even though his first impression may have you believe otherwise. Able to hold himself together and build upon himself. The legs of the table represent the fact that he can only go upwards in his journey for knowledge where as the flat surface represents his level-headedness during battle. However, as time moves on in life, it is uncertain that the table can withstand the stress of knowing more and more stuff and also remembering those things from the past. It is uncertain that all the look corks and screws can hold him up for much longer. The girls, which are placed ontop of the glass table represent the stereotype that women are more emotionally and mentally attached then males. Showing that he is more in touch with his softer, femine side the more he goes in depth within himself to pull out his true self. However the reason why it's pural is because it shows the many different emotionally and mentally attached people X'O could be. Only hiding his true self deeper and deeper which is harder to pull out. As they stand on this currently sturdy yet fragile glass table it shows that all these different personas are keeping him from reaching his true goal which is to find out who he really is ~ deep down inside.

Glass - X'O's reading/analyzing capabilities
Table - The true X'O and his true goals which is to reach the top
Girls - The different emotional personas which keep him from pursuing his dreams

// Questions //
Interviewer: Kairi, enlighten us and describe your addiction.
Kairi: You don't understand... I'm poisoning you by telling you this now. Your a reporter and your doing your job yet the filth I'm gonna share with you is gonna poison the viewers are able to comprehend. Wisdom is the most addicting drug known to man. Some people are lucky enough to live their life unaware... certain of the uncertain whereas some... some like me... some like me. Those like me aren't so lucky. Those like me have to know. If we don't know... if the answer is uncertain... we suffer withdrawal. We lose our minds... make rash decisions... or don't make any at all... So we sit... so we sit and wonder... what would it be like to know things... to live life in everyone's shoes... to feel the ultimate pain... the ultimate love... the ultimate fear... go beyond life... is there beyond life?... What would it be like to be a star. To float around in the universe and be dazzled by the gorgeous light shows. To be cuddled up with the love of your life and never ever losing interest. Heh, let's be honest now. We all wondered what would it be like to be the creator... y'know... him upstairs... or she... or it. To atleast know it. To really be a angel or vampire. Have you very went to bed and dreamed about being a character in your favorite show? To run along Inuyasha. To fight broly beside Goku. Anyway I can go on for hours about the what if's but honestly. No one will get their answers if we just sit around and wonder. I have to know. Wisdom is a gift and a curse... because thing fear comes... what if you finally know everything and then what do you do. What do you do when you've reached you goal. I bet you know the answer... because you've reached your goal. It's much easier to live your life not knowing. However when you spend your whole life wondering the what if's... answers are the only thing to set your free.

Nickname/Alias: X'O, Yuki, October

Weight: 162 lbs

Height: 5'8 ft

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Attire Often Variates // Kairi stands at around 6 feet, has a thin, semi-nourished muscular build, and has red irises. His hair is white ~ He has bangs ~ There are small sized ~ enough to cover his forehead, raggedly cut and natural light highlights in the hair on the front of his head; a large upper portion of the hair on the back of his head consists of these highlights as well. He has a semi-square jawline and is somewhat handsome. However, he has some bruised skin, and scars, possibly from hunting shinobi; note that these fade over time.

Clothing: His attire consists of a white V-neck shirt that's somewhat stretched out and slightly torn in the left shoulder area, allowing it to hang like a one strap shirt. He hasn't really had the chance to change his upper attire. A large all black scarf that he wraps and ties around his waist. Black pants with bandages wrapped around his thighs and legs. He has a red and black muffler scarf that he wears around his neck, which he occassionally pulls upwards to cover the lower half of his face. During time when traveling to cold places or occassional cold days he wears a black cloak with bandages wrapped around his waist and changes to a all black scarf that wraps around his face like a shemagh scarf.

? Other: Bandages wrapped around his neck // Succubus bite mark-left side of neck // Ear Piercings // Multiple beaded bracelets that reaches half way up his forearms each // Two necklaces-brown/red/yellow beads

Personality: Pyschoanalysist: Welcome Sousha, We took an analysist of your brain and well-

Kairi: - I prefer if you call me X'O...

Pyschoanalysist: Is it because you are ashamed of your name? Is it to feminine for you? Do you care too much about what others think of you that you change your name to something so vague as X'O?

Kairi: Heh... If I told you that, then it would be confirmed that you are correct and I'm not gonna give you the luxury. Even though by me saying this, it already does confirm that you are correct. Yet if I give you a good enough reason which is not your assumed conclusion then would that throw off your analyzation of me? Would that question your results about me? Go on and read me back your... "opinions" about me. Oh, and if it helps. You can call me Kairi.

Pyschoanalysist: Aw, you are slowly proving me right on my results. Let's see if you can connect the actions you preformed with the conclusions I gathered from my analysist of you.

Kairi: Proceed...

Pyschoanalysist: In terms of personality, you're quick to hide what you really are ~
Behind a mask of confidence and sometimes arrogance, you're scared of yourself and you're even more scared of letting others in, in case they end up getting you in trouble or hurting you. You're really quite timid, but you believe that if you at least act confident you might gain some real confidence in time. Well, I'm not as confident about the rest as I was about what I just said, but I think it's fairly accurate. Your over-analysis stems from a fear of not knowing things. You hate being uncertain, and thats why you tried to keep a distance from me for so long. You like knowing everything there is to know about a situation and if you don't know something you feel the need to dig and dig so you can feel secure. Your interests in darker areas such as satanism and such that you've recently acquired is a desire to seem more occult and mysterious. My guess is that you want to be this way because most girls fall at the feet of the brooding, mysterious guys in stories and folklore. You take a liking into writing to because of the fact that you feel the need to let out all of your emotions and mental thoughts of ideas and discoveries which emerge from emotional breakthroughs that you find in yourself often in your life because you are obsessed with over analyzing who you are deep down inside to the very tip but what you don't understand is people change over time and I understand that you wish to grasp the basics of yourself but it is impossible. So you come up with these new ideas for different identities for yourself and base them off a template and place what you know about yourself as the basics or the goal of the false identity and then you fuse it with what you dream to be. Whatever appeals to the public because of your fears of not fitting in or looking stupid yet at the same time you wish to stand out from the crowd. Unlike other people, your philosophy on partaking the image of the 'bad guy' or at least the 'bad boy' not only comes from my theory of the opposing sex but as well as the fact that you see without a villain, their will not be a hero and also for the simple fact that it appears that the heroes only get their rightful respect during the time when all seems lost and every counts upon the hero to put forth the effort to save the day during it's final hours. To you it seems a bit... "much like bullshxt." to you and I also understand that as well. Thus you put on this mysterious act to already appear agaisnt the public so if they turn agaisnt you, it appears that it doesn't phase you when it does deep down inside. Giving off vague and esoteric information in an occult-like manner to keep yourself from being harmed. Trufully you are kind hearted and just want someone you can calm you head around during tough emotional times like this. You put on this mask of confidence and arrogance around people you feel somewhat secure about. For people to completely know the real you, it's obvious that they must go under serious 'Trust Trials' for them to finally be able to know the real you. You seem to have a nice ability of Over-Analyzation which allows you to read people from their body language, actions, tone of voice, shift of eyes or other bodily movements, and other things. By doing such a thing, you conjure up conclusions or assumptions about people or situations to get a general idea until you. You take interest into odd fashions and color combinations that would stand out agaisnt the public which also comes from your desire to stand out from the crowd. Your artistic ways comes from your deep mental and emotional concentration that you have which needs to be expressed through artistic visuals of nature and people in beautiful natural sceneries and touching poetry all based on your emotions during that point in time. You challenge yourself by keeping promises to people and pushing yourself to never give up on those people and those promises, but most importantly, to never give up on yourself, ever. Which is slightly tough for you seeing as competition somewhat thwarts your plans of never giving up because then your desire to know everything kicks in. You have a desire to know the best possible outcome of who would be the best victor; the fear of competition throws off your over-analyzation skills during the mental comparison and sometimes off your analyzations of either yourself or the competitor and those you lose focus of what really matters or you analyze good but you start to doubt your results which throws off your focus. (Note: When he means competition he doesn't mean opponents in combat, it's more like races, games, mostly competiting for someone's love.) Now your love life and relationship concerns -

Kairi: - That's all correct... great analyzation skills. However, That's enough.

Pyschoanalysist: - But I haven't finished with your love life, attractions, fears and attitude during batt -

Kairi: - I said that's enough. If they wanna know the rest tell them to come and meet me themselves.

Pyschoanalysist: Your mysterious attitude is making a bold appearance suddenly... Why?

Kairi: ...

Making Friends // Enemies

Crying Women and Babies
Ear ringings when in High Alptitudes
Being Sick

~Clan Information~

Clan Name: Pending...

Kekei Genkai: Pending...

Clan Symbol: Pending...

Clan History: Pending...

Ability Summary: Pending...

~Rank/Village Information~

Classification: Chuunin

Letter Rank: B-Rank

Village: Kumogakure no Sato

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:

  • Main: Kenjutsu
  • Sub: Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity:

  • Main: Raiton - Lightning
  • Main: Suiton - Water
  • Sub:

Special Characteristics: By Kairi being semi-blind, using his Kekkei Genkai as a tool, he uses clan training and his keen intellect to come up with ways to manuever through the world using Telekinetic energy. He does this by fusing his mind with telekinetic energy within his body and uses it to 'see', his vision isn't as normal as others. He sees the world in a holographic-like settings with a sky-blue tint. Seeing as his clan is connected with a different form of chakra flow, settings are slightly altered from regular chakra. Allowing him to maniplating his telekinetic energy in ways of creative uses ~ as demonstated in some of his jutsu and techniques.

Flaws/Weaknesses: Kairi has occassional short term memory, he usually has a nasty habit of forgetting important or semi-important key things when being instructed lately and when metting and getting to know new people such as their middle or last name, birthday and other personal information given out in the open. Kairi has a soft spot for his name, feeling that his name may be to femine, he spares the embarrassment of himself by simply giving himself a nickname/codename. Kairi goes by the name of X'O which symbolizes Man and Woman ~ Man and Woman can symbolize many different things for what they stand for individually and together and from what they can create. Kairi theorized that the meaning of life comes from Man and Woman itself. Sadly, Kairi is semi-blind and has an illness that limits his breathing, this illness is unknown to the clan but only a few are born with the disease. When being physically active for to long or in areas with thin oxygen supply or thick smoke can cause a serious hazard to Kairi. He begins to sweat, pant and gasp heavily, tightening of the chest, light headiness and occassionally bleeds from his nose. After successfully getting to an area with a decent oxygen supply, occassionally fatigue will overwhelm him. Kairi tries to avoid humid and dry areas and terrains because it really takes a toll on his body and breathing. Wearing heavy and tight clothing also takes a toll on his breathing, which is why Kairi wishes to train hard to become an ANBU Black Ops recruit so his job can be exceptionally easier with the animal masks to sheild his mouth so hazard atmospheres such as smoke and ember doesn't irritate his lungs and by him being semi-blind the mask will cover up most of his eyes so the sunlight won't irritate his eyes.



Hand Seals:

~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story:
Kairi was always an odd child from the beginning, unlike other children that will play and horse around. He would sit alone and read his clan ancient books and texts. Sitting alone as he got lost within the ancient words his ancestors woke and written. Reading almost immediately the ancient language they spoke. He was intrigued by his family and their past. He was intrigued by what's out their in other words. He trained to get stronger to find those place. Locate those answers on his own. In a flash he was gaining stronger by the instant physically. Training hand to hand combat, disarms and purely focused on strategy and quick thinking. As the children laughed and played around. Giggling as they played games with each other, bonding and making a relationship with each other. A true friendship. Something Kairi never really experienced. Kairi's friend was his mind and his books. His hard work and dedication were his buddies and his goals were his pals until he reached the academy. The ninja academy that is. He was young like all the other kids, inexperienced as a ninja but truly experienced as a thinker, a strategist and was evolving in physical combat. Debating wasn't much of an option with Kairi for he won arguments using logical terms and philosophy of course. Even though his intellegence on philosophy was still inexperienced, he knew more about it than average kids. During the academy as they took field trips around the village, playing laughing and having fun. Their was two female children who were truly best friends, they stuck by each other all the time through thick and then which taught Kairi about teamwork and cooperation, something he read within his clan ancient books.

The girls were walking beside Kairi one day on the academy's field trip to the Kage building and one of the girls really liked Kairi. She had a crush on him while the other one was devolping true feelings for Kairi. For some reason they were attracted to the mysterious and non-talkative type of person. Both of those girls decided to make a pact that whoever gets him first gets to be with him without the other being jealous. As they made their wager, that day Kairi got really popular and more involved with the children around him unwanted of course. The two girls smothered him with love and compasion by giving him flowers and hugs infront of other kids which he didn't really like because they were children and he didn't really care for women at the time. He was getting embarrassed and he didn't want to be mean so he tried to tell one of the girls that he didn't feel the same way infront of the class. It just so happens she took the news the wrong way and punched Kairi out of his seat which led to him being mocked by his classmates. Engulfed in total embarrassment, Kairi ran home angered to no end. He knew he oculdn't show his face at the academy again. He had one choice and that was to conceal his face from the academy. The next day, right before school he went to a clothing store and bought a mask for his face. It was to keep the kids from knowing who he is which was a stupid idea know that he thinks about it. Seeing as the children has assigned seats, he will have to sit where Kairi sits. No this is not a personality shift when he dawns the mask on his face, he just feels comfortable with the mask on and he can express himself more. One day he was sitting agaisnt a tree when three guys came over to him, blocking the very sunlight he needed to finish writting his poetry. The guys looked like they mean buisness. The guys were around Kairi's age and the setting was the Academy's park were all the other children played. At first the children were afraid of Kairi wearing the mask but they grown to like him and thought he was cool and unique. Three guys didn't like the publicity and popularity Kairi was getting, they were jealous and wanted to beat him up. Kairi showed his hand to hand combat skills he learned and trained that day. The children that watched the three guys get beat up were amazed and officially made Kairi the most popular guy in the academy. They were afraid but respected him. Over time things didn't change and he felt the need to always wear the mask to feel important. He graduated the exams of course as he went on to become an official ninja.

Kairi emerged on to an official ninja of the village. Their were many girls, more so than guys which had Kairi to be put on a Genin squad with two girls. Which he really wouldn't mind but the two girls were the best friends, one of which that had the crush on him, punched him out of his seat which caused him to wear this mask. The girl that punched him was named Kimiko Katamari and her best friend was the one that was falling in love with Kairi and his mysterious ways. Her name was Akemi Katamari. That's right, they were best friends because they were sisters. They acted more so like twins however. Seeing as how Kimiko dislikes Kairi and Akemi adores him, they usually got into an argument about the situation. During training with their sensei who was known as Katsu Yoshida. The purpose of the training was to train teamwork and cooperation. Kairi knew the sisters had great cooperation, all he had to do was join in on it. Kimiko absolutely refused to work with Kairi most of the time and when she was force to, she didn't give Kairi a heads up on incoming attacks or try to get him out of harm's way. The sensei was fed up with thier actions and told them to put aside their petty differences and past for the success of the mission, village and so on. Kairi nodded and turned to Kimiko who was still not sure about the idea as it was shown in her facial expression and folded arms. It was no use trying to convert her decision so Kairi had to make a move on his own. He suggested a handshake. She was still very skeptical about it and decided that she won't take the handshake. She want something more. Akemi had a bad feeling about what devious thoughts was stiring up in her head. Kimiko suggested a kiss. Akemi was fed up with the idea and decided that Kairi shouldn't go through with the kiss. Kairi believed that if thats what it took to get this team functioning again he had to do it. He lifted his mask up slightly to reveal his lips, the rest of his face was shadowed by the mask. Akemi was heart broken on the inside and was pissed at her sister, it seems like Kimiko schemed this to from the very beginning.

As their lips were about to meet, Akemi pushed Kairi out of the way resulting in Kimiko kissing her sister's cheek instead. Kairi fell to the wet grass ground and started to stand back up. He knew exactly what happened and was glad Akemi done what she did. He wasn't ready to kiss anyone yet. Katsu realized what kind of relationship the three squad members have and used it to his advantage as they went on missions together. It seem like Kairi would be partnering up with Katsu during missions while the sisters repair their relationship with each other. Thus letting Kairi step back in. Katsu's plan was a success. During the chuunin exams, Kairi aced the written exam without cheating and went on with his squadmates. Akemi and Kimiko made it to the forest of death exam. As they entered the Forest of Death. Kairi readied himself and so did his squadmates. As they entered the forest of death. Kimiko held one of the scrolls in her hands. Kairi and Akemi was there to guard her from being endangered while recovering the other scroll and making it to the destination. Kairi couldn't go out alone, he will surely be defeated so it was best to use teamwork. Well teamwork all came crashing down. Ninja from the Hidden Rock village really didn't play around. One of the members on the squad from Iwagakure was a Nobunaga from the Taiyo Branch. He was quite fierce and skilled as a ninja. He and his squad members easily defeated Kairi's squad. As they attempted to take the scroll from Name, the Nobunaga killed her. Struck her down with no remorse and injured Akemi. That was the last and final straw. He already ticked Kairi off by killing Kimiko right before her sister's eyes and now this? Injuring her right after for no reason? It awakened Kairi's powers as he, with ease, killed his opponent using clan techniques. He took both the scroll they took from Kairi's squad and the scroll they had. Akemi was too devastated to see her own sister killed and her leg was injured so she couldn't walk. Kairi striped the weaponry from the attacking Nobunaga and took the necklace Kimiko was wearing and put it on Akemi. Kairi then carried Kimiko's lifeless body on his shoulders and Akemi in his arms to the destination. The ninja were shocked to see Kimiko's dead body and Kairi with the strength and will to carry body bodies to such a distance. Ever since that day, Akemi realized how much of a great person Kairi is and only loved him more by doing this for her sister. Kimiko's body was sent to the hospitol while Kairi and Akemi went on with the exams, holding her sister's necklace around her neck. As she watched from above the names being drawn. It was Kairi vs Utsui. Before he went into battle, Akemi lifted his mask half way and gave him a kiss unexpectedly. Everyone was surprised to see it and even Kairi was surprised but he didn't say he didn't like it and gave her a kiss back. Leaping onto the battleground. Utsui was a puppet user and attacked from far range but it was nothing agaisnt Kairi's clan techniques. He easily defeated his opponent and moved on to the second part of the final exam. Giving a thumbs up to Akemi who watched from above. As the fights went on, Akemi advanced to the second part of the final exam aswell. The two went on and won the following battles aswell, progressing along as Chuunin. After the exams they paid tribute to Akemi's fallen sister by going to her funeral and leaving flowers. After that day, Akemi and Kairi, whatever relationship they had grew stronger.

Kairi moved on with his single teammate as the trained and spent more time together. It was more of a romantic time within his life. He and her got closer together and he felt comfortable around her truly. They talked, had fun, giggled, played around and more stuff they did together. They went on dates together and completed many missions using teamwork and cooperative strategies, duo strategies and their feelings for each other always kept them going. Kairi gained many side jobs to raise many. Jobs such as bodyguarding the Kage, protecting rich and wealthy people. Guarding stores at night and missions were a piece of cake for Kairi. Kairi and Akemi's relationship grew so strong they were thinking of marriage in the near future. Something they both looked forward too.

Roleplay Sample:
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