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 Eastern Lands

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EL Staff

PostSubject: Eastern Lands   Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:20 pm

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King Baird V has been on the throne just over a year. In that time he has banished councillors and spent more money than many before him, most recently on the most lavish royal wedding in history. While Tortall is in a time of peace, her enemies do not sleep. There are whispers of treason in the palace and Tusaine pressing upon her neighbour's hinterlands.

While the court has escaped the summer heat at the Summer Palace, in the capital of Corus, commoners struggle to make ends meet. In the city's criminal underground another King of the Rogue has been killed, leaving the organization in chaos and threatening to destroy the stability of the city.

is an intermediate roleplay dedicated to being a friendly and creative community. Set in Tamora Pierce's world of Tortall over a hundred years before The Song of the Lioness. Easy to integrate, we require no previous knowledge of the books.
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Eastern Lands
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