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 Double-Bladed Katana

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PostSubject: Double-Bladed Katana   Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:29 am

Name: Double-Bladed Katana

Rank: A-Rank

Owner: Hayato


Length: 5 feet

Width: both blades each have 1 inch per dull side

Material: Steel

Weight: 5 lbs

Abilities: This sword can be split into two spearate swords or shifted into a double-edged sword with swords coming from each side of the hilt. Hayato can channel his chakra into the blade with chakra flow, which will increase its sharpness greatly through high frequency vibrations, as well as increasing its cutting range as well as making the sword indestructible. This would allow him to cut through almost anything, as well as numb the target who have been pierced by this chakra blade. This sword has a laserpoint-sharpened edge which can easily cut through stone without any difficulty alone but when infused with chakra it increases the sharpness & durability as well as becoming able deflect any B-Ranked(Or under) Ninjutsu coming directly towards him as well as cut through Kaguya bones. This weapon is also light and versatile, meaning it can be used for both a quick counter and in blocking/deflecting oncoming projectiles.

Info: Hayato made this weapon himself at an early age, it is always a first resort when it comes to combat as he has been trained in swordsmanship just like the rest of the SubZero clan members. His fellow clan members provided him with enough of the metal found in order to produce the blade as well as showed him how to forge it.
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Konoha Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Double-Bladed Katana   Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:36 am

Okay, few times things. A sword generally can't cut through Kaguya bones; Kaguya bones are extraordinarily powerful and durable, basically nothing can cut through them, so please change that if you will.

Second, you have a -lot- of abilities for an A-rank sword. Could you decrease them to two or three seperate abilities; I mean, having a sword with two blades is an ability all of it's own.

Also, no deflecting ninjutsu; That isn't fair, not even the SSM swords could just randomly deflect ninjutsu for no reason, and one of them actually -ate- chakra so..
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Double-Bladed Katana
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