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 Urufu's ninjutsu training

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Kirigakure Genin

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PostSubject: Urufu's ninjutsu training   Urufu's ninjutsu training EmptyTue Jul 26, 2011 12:47 am

~Urufu Tatsumaki~
Is this an over-reaching arm?
Or is this compassion?
Is this a handout undeserved?
Or a just reparation?

Twirling between the skilled fingers of Kirigakure's eldest jinchuriki was a kunai. Urufu had been lately pondering how to make his kunai more effective, when a thought had suddenly struck him. Combine it with his wind in order to not just levitate it or shoot it faster, but to actually transform the nature of the attack and increase it's versatility. For Urufu, it was all about the versatility. Stopping the swift rotation and clenching the handle of the throwing blade in his palm, Urufu stared at the cold metal. Triangular-based prism blade design, solid metal, black. Those were the only true characteristics he could see with his lime-green eyes.

Glancing down from the blade towards the hilt, and eventually the pommel, an idea struck Urufu. This ring was incredibly useful at the end, capable of allowing for the dagger to be anchored to himself or something for easy retrieval. The light weight of the weapon was helpful in wielding it. If only it had a longer blade. Suddenly, a thought struck Urufu. If he could increase the size of the blade without adding any weight, this would be a very lethal tool. All he really needed to do was apply Chakra flow.

Applying pressure to the handle, Urufu forced chakra into the weapon. It was true that the blade lengthened a bit when this happened, but it wasn't the true effect he was looking for. Scrapping that plan, Urufu concluded that in order to truly maximize the effectiveness of this, he was going to need to use his Wind-natured chakra. Attempting to force wind-natured chakra through the blade from his hand, the same as chakra flow, he noticed that it simply sharpened the blade. It wasn't truly what he wanted. No, instead he was going to need to craft the wind around it to form his sword edge.

What he needed now was a medium. Drawing in a deep breath, Urufu molded chakra with the wind that was in his lungs. Exhaling slowly, he moved his head along the blade, eventually continuing off the edge, extending the wind flow so it formed a longer blade. Success. It had actually worked. The only problem was the edge he had created wouldn't work properly in combat. He needed to customize it a bit more. Taking in another breath, Urufu applied a second layer of wind and chakra to the construct, reshaping the blade so it was similar to that of a scimitar.

A demonic grin washed over Urufu's face. Flipping the kunai in his hands as rapidly as he had earlier, before the special treatment, he only noticed a minor adjustment in weight. It was nothing to impair his theory, or good mood, however. With but a blink, Urufu stopped the flipping of the kunai and slashed at an empty water bottle sitting on the table nearbly. With the kunai only coming one foot near the bottle, it was slashed in half. Excellent.
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Revy Izumi
Revy Izumi

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PostSubject: Re: Urufu's ninjutsu training   Urufu's ninjutsu training EmptyTue Jul 26, 2011 6:58 am




Urufu's ninjutsu training Revyslash
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Urufu's ninjutsu training
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