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 Tonra Clan

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PostSubject: Tonra Clan   Tonra Clan EmptyMon Jul 25, 2011 11:28 pm

Clan Name: ►Tonra Clan◄

History//Legend of the Clan:

Not always ninja, the Tonra clan started off as a family of miners. They tended the pits of Hasthin, pits that produced a plethora of metals, which is how this clan survived. The work was hard, and everyday a new scar was shown on the skin of the members, but seeing how they were only men in a world filled with power, it was what they had to do. That was until the day they found one precious metal. It was one that slowly began to change them because of the close range they always worked to it. An unheard of metal, it gave them abilities.

The Tonra clan soon found out that they were no longer miners. They were able to use the very metal that they mined to draw power unheard of. Using this power, they chased away the owners of the Pits, and took it as their own. Now called the Pits of Tonra, they dwell there where they are strongest. Now the Tonra clan is spread along the shinobi world. But one place hasn't changed. They will never leave the place in which they found themselves long.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:

Allomancy( Ingesting and then burning one (or more) of specific metals to draw powerful abilities from them.)

Physical metals
Iron (external)
An Allomancer burning Iron is able to Pull on nearby metals. This can allow them to make metallic objects that weigh less than they do to fly through the air toward them. For metallic objects which weigh more than they do, this can cause them to be pulled toward the object. It was generally assumed that an Allomancer could not Pull on metals that pierce or are otherwise contained in the body of another living being.

Steel (external)
An Allomancer burning Steel is able to "Push" on nearby metals. This can allow them to make metallic objects that weigh less than they do to fly through the air away from them (using coins, for instance, as weapons). For metallic objects which weigh more than they do, this can cause them to be pushed away from the object. It was generally assumed that an Allomancer could not Push on metals that pierce or are otherwise contained in the body of another living being.

Tin (internal)
An Allomancer burning Tin is able to enhance all five of their senses. A major flaw of burning Tin is that if a sudden loud noise or bright light appears it can render an Allomancer stunned for a short time. Mistings burning Tin are often used as lookouts and scouts because they can see in near-darkness.

Pewter (internal)
An Allomancer burning Pewter is able to greatly enhance their physical capabilities. While burning pewter, an Allomancer can fight or perform physical labor longer than any normal person, and is also many times stronger than his or her normal self; this applies not only to their muscle strength, but to the strength of their bones, skin, etc. This enhanced strength also allows an Allomancer to shrug off wounds that would kill or incapacitate a normal person. Pewter-burning also provides an Allomancer with an increased sense of balance and vastly increased speed and dexterity. An Allomancer performing a "pewter drag" can run for many hours at speeds up to approximately that of a galloping horse. This is extremely draining on the Allomancer's body and will require the Allomancer to burn pewter after completing the pewter drag itself, just to keep the person's body from collapsing in near-death exhaustion.
One danger for someone burning Pewter is when carrying something that they normally couldn't carry and they run out of the metal, the object they are carrying will crush them, causing serious injury. Another danger is that an Allomancer who shrugged off earlier wounds could succumb to said wounds when they run out of Pewter to burn.

Higher metals

These metals are known as the higher Allomantic metals. (An allomancer is only allowed to learn two of these metals at jounin rank.)

Temporal metals

Cadmium (external)
An Allomancer burning Cadmium can subtly pull on time in a bubble around them with a genjutsu unique to them, stretching it and making time pass more slowly.

Bendalloy (external)
An Allomancer burning Bendalloy can subtly push on time in a bubble around them with a genjutsu unique to them, compressing it and making it pass more quickly.

Gold (internal)
Gold allows an Allomancer to see what they might have been if they had made different choices in the past. It is rarely used due to possible severe emotional trauma.

God metals(Only one may be learned)

Atium (external)

Atium is the most valuable metal in the world, and it is slowly mined from the "Pits of Tonra". The metal is mined by younger Clan members, as using Allomancy near the Atium-producing crystals shatters them. This metal allows the user to track fast-moving objects before finally giving some amount of predictive capabilities to the user.

Malatium (external)
Malatium is an alloy of Atium and gold, when burned it allows an Allomancer to see a vision of possible other lives someone else could have led, and different paths they could have taken.

Lerasium (internal)
A greenish metallic bead that allows the burner (which can be anyone) to become an Allomancer, allowing them access to all of the Allomantic metals. These beads are the source of all Allomancers, and this trait ends up being genetic, whereby the descendants of an Allomancer have a chance of becoming either an Allomancer without the need of burning Lerasium. These descendants are not born with the ability of Allomancy, and will show no signs until some traumatic event causes them to 'snap' there by allowing them the ability to burn allomantic metals.
Lerasium is not actually one of the 16 Allomantic metals, though it is clearly related.

Clan Information:

- Clan Training :: Members of this clan have to dig up metals in the Pits up until they graduate the academy to get an appreciation for the metal they use. Once they graduate, they are trained by the clans teacher(usually the leader) how to use each basic metal.

- Population :: 7 Members

- Nature//Values :: Cold, emotionless people. They feel that if they can survive the Pits as children, there is no reason for excuses for being weak.

- Clan Symbol :: Tonra Clan Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRC6z2YSrNadJ74nIjiR6824-NE52pXwXG971985R8c6G3kdToPjA

Additional Information:

- Clan Founder :: Li Tonra

- Relationship :: Unknown

- Clan Political Structure :: Democracy(All clan affairs are put to a vote)

- Important Members :: Kel Tonra-Current Clan Leader
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PostSubject: Re: Tonra Clan   Tonra Clan EmptyTue Jul 26, 2011 2:21 pm

Okay, first thing I spotted I need to ask a question about. How much on average does Pewter raise your stats? I mean, if it's just by like twenty percent or something then that's fine, but if Hinata suddenly turns into Tsunade, just no.

Next, lerasium shouldn't let a person use all god metals; Otherwise there's no point putting that limit on them.

And then..The genjutsu would be self-used like Izanagi, you can't cast a genjutsu that will increase the entire worlds speed, that's impossible.

Also, the past sense thing just won't work; It lets you make up a bunch of crap about people for no reason.
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Tonra Clan
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