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 Ippatsuya 一発屋一族(Edited)

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PostSubject: Ippatsuya 一発屋一族(Edited)   Ippatsuya 一発屋一族(Edited) EmptySat Jul 23, 2011 10:16 pm

Ippatsuya Clan

"Gambling is our Life!"

History//Legend of the Clan:

The Ippatsuya's have a shady background to say the least, their origins are long forgotten and few in the clan show any interest in uncovering the families past. What little is known comes not from the clan itself but from the Yakuza families that share deep bonds with the Ippatsuya, from records kept by some and piecing together pieces of information from each family. What is certain about the past is how the Ippatsuya became such highly respected individuals in the underworld. In fact the Ippatsuya are so respected by these criminal organizations that hurting a Ippatsuya leads to sever consequences and the act of killing a clan member leads to what the Ippatsuya call Gokudou no Kumiai Abare (極道ユニオン暴れ) or Underworld Union Rampage where several where entire Yakuza families join and rampage through the area looking for the killer, eliminating him along with everyone close to him. Gokudou no Kumiai Abare no long continues in this day and age and stories about it seem exaggerated but even today the Ippatsuya are protected like royalty to the point of several assassins being hired to simply eliminate possible threats to a Ippatsuya's life.

The reason for this began a little over 200 years ago when the clan was still simple family with plenty of children, most of the older boys were low tire members of the local small time Yakuza group, Kurokumo-gumi, while the girls worked as maids here and there and even in brothels, using their bodies when they had nothing left to pay with. The Ippatsuya were no different than most poor families of the time, until Takara was born, her older brothers called her a cute little devil, the friendlier yakuza called her "Tanuki", a nickname that stuck for the rest of her life. When Takara turned 9 a war between Kurokumo-gumi and a rival group broke out and all but one of her brothers was left alive at the end, though a cripple, he was left behind by the Kurokumo, no long of any worth to them. The family soon went on a downward spiral, her brother could not work, her mother was getting old, her father left them and her sisters began looking out for themselves, leaving Takara, her older and little brother and her mother to fend for themselves. Since he was crippled and mostly stuck at home, Takara's brother began teaching her simple gambling tricks, to him it was a way to pass the time but to Takara, it was much more. Meanwhile the Kurokumo-gumi began to grow stronger and stronger, the new head ended up marrying one of Takara's eldest sisters, the family was overjoyed and quickly the siblings began to come together, still looking out for themselves, but the day of the wedding a simple nod from the sister crushed the families hopes and dreams for a better life. Guards pushed them away, taking them as far back from the wedding as possible before delivering a message from their new Aneki, a message that simply stated that she didn't know them, that filthy people should be kept away from her so not to dirty her clothes. Everyone was either enraged or broken, with the exception of the little 12 year old girl who simply asked one of the guards that knew her since her birth, to pass a message to her sister and her husband "In 3 years, Kurokumo will fall." Naturally everyone laughed, a 12 year old girl saying something like that was pathetic, but the man that heard the girl didn't laugh, in fact he felt a chill down his spine as the girl's eyes confident, an unnatural confidence.

Three years passed and Kurokumo kept growing stronger until one day a representative of a rival group proposed a harmless gambling match between the groups best gamblers, the stakes would be high and the winner would take quite a hefty sum, a sum so high that losing was not an option, the head of the family was a fool to agree. When the day of the match arrived and the head of the Kurokumo-gumi could not stop laughing, before his best player was a girl, a teenage girl he barely remembered as his sister-in-law, it had to be a joke, to thing a Yakuza group would send a girl to play in such an important game, but it was an opportunity he could not pass up and so he agreed. Laughter soon died as the game went on, the Kurokumo's money started moving to Takara's side while non of the money on her side was touched. they went as far as to play several different games but apart from a few loses here and there, the girl seemed blessed by the God of Gambling, her luck seemed unnatural, but what surprised everyone was her skill and the fact that not even the most experienced players seemed to catch any sight of foul play, she was just that good. Eventually it became a completely one-sided victory for Takara, humiliated the head of the Kurokumo demanded that his money was returned to him, not only was it a joke for the girl to be playing but she had to be cheating. Before another fight broke loose Takara proposed a simply game of dice, if she won than she would take double the amount she had won, if she lost than the Kurokumo would not only get their money back but also take control of the rival Yakuza group. Many members of both sides protested but the head of Kurokumo agreed rather quickly, but no one was expecting the head of the other Yakuza group to agree as well.

The game was simple, each throw a pair of dice 5 times, the one with the highest score wins. To make it fair and prove that Takara wasn't cheating the head of the Kurokumo would play AND he would provide the dice. The end result, Kurokumo scored 47 while Takara scored 58. When asked why the other head approved of such a risky bet he simply said that for 3 years the girl played every single day and she never lost once, in fact that girl had won so much money that she was actually richer than both his group and Kurokumo combined. The loss was to much, the money that they lost in a single game ended up ruining Kurokumo and there are no records of what happened to the head and his wife.

Now no one knows how much of this story is the truth but one thing is for certain, if the Ippatsuya want to, they can take down a group simply through gambling, and there is nothing they can do to stop it. However the Ippatsuya do not "rule" through fear but rather through respect, like Tamaki Ippatsuya, a well known member of the underworld society and former formal head of the Ippatsuya Clan, used to say "A wounded dog may fear you, but the second you turn your back it'll strike." and taking these words to heart the Ippatsuya created ties with various Yakuza groups that last through generations. Simply put in exchange for their services they are protected and because they are not only capable of easily bringing in large sums of money but also capable of raising the group's status to new heights they are sought out by many "younger" groups as a way to compete with the older, bigger and well established groups. Because of this demand the Ippatsuya will never aid groups if it means directly harming another group they share ties with unless they are sure the benefit will outweigh the consequences, as they are by no means saints.

Another important story of the Ippatsuya takes place around 70 years ago. Back then a single man was both feared and respected by the underworld, known to be the best gambler in the world, Ippatsuya Garou was said to have never lost once in his life and once gambling regular people became too much of an easy, trivial thing he turned to other members of the Ippatsuya clan, they were the only ones to actually challenge him but soon even they became weak in his eyes. Gambling for money soon became gambling with one's life, it was even said that despite being loaded, Garou ended up entering gambling parlors without a any money, he bet his life in every game, he couldn't care less about what the others were better at first but soon he realized that when one's life is on the line the games become more and more enjoyable. Norishiai was born, a seal created by Garou in order to create a game that provided enough of a challenge and enough of a thrill to satisfy him. Using Norishiai, Garou organized events offering incredibly large sums of money to participants, the games were interesting, the rules he created were double edged swords, they could put him at an advantage or disadvantage it was the thrill he had searched for, however Garou's joy didn't last long, he was soon killed by an assassin of a group that saw him as a threat, a Gokudou no Kumiai Abare took place the likes of which have never been seen and the group was annihilated. But even with his death game continues, the same seal being placed on every infant of the clan.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:


Sometimes called the Lucky Gods, the Ippatsuya really seem to have been blessed by the gods with good fortune. However though they may really be lucky, they are also gifted with an incredibly unnatural 6th sense. When used for their main livelihood, gambling, they actually feel when they should play, keep playing or quit and other things like knowing when someone is lying, hiding something, when someone is cheating among other things. In battle this 6th sense helps them prevent sneak attacks from opponents of the same level and weaker, preventing feints, traps and so on, there have been reports of some Ippatsuya fighting with their eyes closed and still be capable of avoiding attacks with ease simply by feeling the incoming danger.


Norishiai is basically a seal that allows one to initiate the game of the same name. This seal is given to every infant of the Ippatsuya clan by the elders as they are born and as they grow up they quickly become skillful users of the game, eventually creating their own games with their own sets of rules. Norishiai is a game that simply creates an area know as the Senjou (戦場) and a set of rules called Housoku (法則). Once the Senjou is set and all Housoku displayed to all the participants, each of these participants is required to select specific number of these Housoku, each picking one Housoku in an alternate fashion, for example the Ippatsuya picks the first Housoku, another participant picks the second Housoku and the Ippatsuya picks the third Housoku and so on. Once a Housoku is selected it becomes a Teisoku  (定則), once all Teisoku are selected each participant has up to three minutes (up to Two Posts) to prepare, unless all participants chose to start immediately. Once the game begins, one must follow the chosen rules, the Teisoku, or they will be punished.
(For more information on the game please check the my application)

Clan Information:[/color]

- Clan Training ::


- Population ::

The clan itself could be considered a D-Class due to the number of actual pure blood Ippatsuya but because of their connections with many Yakuza groups, some of which very old, very big and very powerful, the Ippatsuya view these groups as family and expect the groups to view them in the same light. It is not uncommon for clan members to be seen amidst Yakuza even at younger ages, many clan members even live in some Yakuza main houses and many end up marrying daughters of Yakuza heads or other high ranking officials. Physically there are no prominent similarities that hold throughout the generations but every clan member carries the kanji for Dice (采 ) somewhere in their clothing or even in tattoos. The one thing that is always present however is the love and skill towards gambling, all clan members not only love to gamble but they learn every trick in the book early on, becoming incredibly dangerous players even at young ages, it actually became normal to see children of the Ippatsuya at gambling parlors watching or even playing sometimes.

- Nature//Values ::


- Clan Symbol ::


Additional Information:

- Clan Founder ::

Takara Ippatsuya

- Relationship ::


- Clan Political Structure ::

Gamblers of course, though the clan itself already has more money than needed for living in wealth for many generations, the clan keeps earning more and more money through gambling. Because of their skill they are usually sought by Yakuza groups to serve as their players, bringing in tones of money to the groups and of course for themselves. Usually a Ippatsuya is given a certain amount of money to use in their gambles, they then set the % of earnings they wish to receive before using the money, when the negotiations are set, then they go use the money and earn as much as they can in a set amount of time.

- Important Members ::

Takeo Ippatsuya
Takara Ippatsuya
Tamaki Ippatsuya
Garou Ippatsuya
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