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 Disorders (Part 1)

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Kumogakure Jounin

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Disorders (Part 1) Empty
PostSubject: Disorders (Part 1)   Disorders (Part 1) EmptySat Jul 23, 2011 8:18 pm

Yakuza lean back in his chair. The front legs lifted of the ground.He quickly dropped it back on all four legs.He then taped his fingers ansgt the table.He was growing impatient When will we get there. He wondered to himself. The wait was killing. It would be know time before one of other personalty took over. He hoped it would be Jin if any one. Cut was to soft and kind hearted. His plans would feel if he could influenced the boy the most.But Yakuza will was strong."Yakuza, what do you want with the leaf" Jin asked. "Pain" Yakuza muttered."Pain won't help anything Yakuza and you know it" Cut butted in. "Silence you" Yakuza roared. Yakuza's will power pushed down on Cut's. "we don't need you right now" he muttered. Yakuza sat back and ponder on how his plans will fall out. First thing first he would go into the leaf and satrt conflict. With him being a hidden in the lighting shinobi launching an attack on the leaf would stir up the conflict. An attempt on the assassination of the Hokage would mean war. The only thing the hidden in the leaf ninja would not know was that he was acting on his own free will. His Riakage gave him no orders to do so. He had no permission to be out the village. But he didn't need one. His village looked at him as a lunatic any way. Yakuza was really a very smart man him and his other half's. He often played the crazy role as a benfit to keep him out of trouble. His counterparts could play it off well. If his kage asked he could say I didn't know what I was doing , another side of me took over, I couldn't help myself. This was one of his steps to his goal. He did not what he will be faced with in the leaf but he was prepared for anything. The horn of the large boat sound as they soon made it way to the leaf village docks. "Show time " Yakuza chuckled. He soon got up out of his seat. He reach for the door knob turning it. He then made his way out the room he was sitting in. He blend into the coward as he un board the boat. Now it was time for him to make his way to the village. He had to plan his next moves out careful like a game of chess.As Yakuza got off the boat he made a few handigns. Then pointed his palms under him. Tag's spourted from his palm forming a large bird made up of tags. The bird soon jetted into the sky. The bird wings flapped heading for the direction of the village. Yakuza did not feel like walking today.

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Konoha Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Disorders (Part 1)   Disorders (Part 1) EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 1:15 am

OOC: You need to post that you've actually exitted the thread and all. Also, link to the new thread.
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Disorders (Part 1)
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