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PostSubject: Leaving the Clouds   Leaving the Clouds EmptySat Jul 23, 2011 6:21 am

Yakuza had next plans to commit he had to gey busy while he was still in control over the body. He made his was walking quickly at the village. He was careful to not look suspicious. The Raikage gave him no permission to leave the hidden in the cloud village. But he didn't need it, he was acting on his own free will as he often did. "Yakuza stop what your doing" Cut roared. "Hush child let him do what he's doing" Jin quickly said. "Why thanky you jin I'm presume you will help me with my acts then." Yakuza said. "Of course you are me are you not at least we share the same body," "This is wrong guys" Cut moaned. "no I tell you whats wrong how they mocked us."Yakuza agured. "Freaks is what they called us why should we help them" he went on. "They hated us and made fun of us Yakuza right" Jin add on. Yakuza slowly made his way towoards the gates. "We leave this village and start on with this attack my plan is flawless." Yakuza said. "Your plan will get us killed Yakuza." Cut said. "No your wrong" he said. Yakuza soon left out the gates.

(Exited Village)
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Leaving the Clouds
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