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 Magus Wars

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PostSubject: Magus Wars   Wed Jul 20, 2011 2:21 am

Magecraft. The artificial reenactment of mysteries or miracles through science. It is an art known to only a select few in the world, and those who do know of it are bound to it, chained to keeping it secret from the outside world. And then, Magic; better known as the True Magic or Sorcery. Miracles that surpass magecraft and current sciences, feats not possible with results realized from time and resources. During the early eras of civilization, Sorcery was used by the people; however, over time, there are only five left: true teleportation, time control, the warping of space, spatial quarantine, and resurrection of the dead. While True Magic can be mimicked by those capable of Magecraft, the use of True Magic is an impossible feat.

One particular family, known as the Einzbern family, wished to regain the True Magic that had been lost millenia ago: The Third Magic, known as the Heaven's Feel or the Cup of Heaven, whose territory was the materialization of the soul. It had originally been achieved by the German aristocrats, but thousands of years ago, the concept was lost. The Einzbern desire to reclaim this led to a series of battles, known as the Holy Grail Wars. After repeated failures to retrieve the Third Magic, the Einzbern family enlisted the help of two other families: the Tohsaka and the Makiri, or Matou, families. Trying to find a gate leading to Akasha, the Einzbern family prepared the vessel for the Grail, the Tohsaka called forth the Servants to aid in the battles, and finally, the Makiri designed the Command Seals used to command the Servants.

Those wars, however, would only last so long. During the third Holy Grail War, the Grail became corrupted, interpreting the wish of those who possessed it with nothing but destruction. Realizing this at the last minute, Kiritsugu Emiya, a participant in the fourth Holy Grail War, ordered his Servant to destroy the Grail. Ten years later, Shirou Emiya, Kiritsugu's adopted son and the only survivor of the conflagration at the end of the fourth War, truly destroyed the Grail itself.

Shirou's destruction of the Grail, however, led to little more than conflict. Because the Holy Grail Wars had also provided a way for mages to prove who was better and whose abilities far transcended another's, discord arose in the western world, as mages began battling, slaughtering each other in cold blood. Needless to say, the fighting was as contained as it could be; it was outside of the eyes of those who did not know of magecraft, but within the world of the mages, the fighting was obvious. After a year and a half, this battling eventually transcended to the eastern world, reaching the fated place where the Grail was destroyed: Fuyuki City, Japan.

In this new war that has been created, mages are once again taking on the role of Master as previously done in the Grail Wars. These Masters have the ability to command Servants: human familiars known as Heroic Spirits, beings that accomplished great achievements in their life; people such as King Arthur, Medea, Alexander the Great, and even Hercules. These Servants are summoned to aid their Master in battle, in exchange for a single, priceless thing: the chance for a second life in the modern era.


Magus Wars is a post-canon Fate/Stay Night roleplay. No series knowledge is required to join (the backstory is outlined in our advertisement, after all!) and we welcome all roleplayers. We allow both canon and original characters, as well as either Servants, Masters, or Magi who do not possess a Servant. Looking for action? Adventure? Magic? A touch of historical in the modern world? If so, then Magus Wars is the place for you!

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Magus Wars
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